Michele Bachmann’s Real Legacy

Penny Nance, Washington Times

She showed that socially and fiscally conservative, responsible women have a place at the table.

Will Chris Christie Walk With Conservatives?

The appointment of a conservative to fill the unexpired term of the late Senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey could tip the balance in the Senate significantly toward the conservative position on a host of issues. It is vital that we make sure Governor Christie appoints a reliable conservative, not just another business-as-usual Republican politician. Call Governor Christie (his office number in Trenton is 609-292-6000) and urge him to appoint a limited-government constitutional conservative to fill the New Jersey Senate vacancy.

Why Ideologues Are So Dangerous

In Part VI of "Why I'm A Conservative, Not A Libertarian," Writer Ben Hart says he's a "William F. Buckley, Jr. conservative" and argues that conservatives tend to respect tradition; they look at what has worked up until now and favor that, until another idea comes along that proves to work better. Please tell us what you think by posting your comments or submitting your rebuttal to chqeditor[at]gmail[dot]com.