Fox News Republican Debate in Detroit: Move along, nothing to see here

The 11th Republican presidential debate of the 2016 cycle offered little in the form of new information on the candidates and was somewhat of a waste of time. Plus, Trump talks about “winning” states, but it’s really all about the delegates now; Romney hit Trump hard on Thursday and he wasn’t even in Michigan; Trump’s tax returns, the issue that won’t go away, and, Cruz and Rubio observe ceasefire in order to target Trump.

Texas CNN Republican debate: Trump exposed as fraud in Rubio-Cruz pincer movement

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz hit Donald Trump hard in Thursday night’s debate. Plus, Rubio wins on style, Cruz wins on substance; Ted Cruz looks to be winning in Texas…will it be enough?; Voters don’t want “electability” in 2016, they want strong leadership; Thursday night’s was the first debate where foreign policy took a back seat; Donald Trump won’t release his tax returns…but is it a problem?; Ben Carson defiant about staying in the race, but we’re the ones paying for it, and, Conclusion – making sense of 2016.