Let The Word Go Forth: Chappaquiddick Invented The Cover-Up

Daniel Oliver, The Federalist

The Kennedy clan is said to be unhappy with the movie. Really? Then they couldn’t have liked the best line in the movie: in the car going to Mary Jo’s funeral, Teddy says, “Thanks for doing this, Joannie” and she gets to reply. The Kennedys should realize that it could have been worse. And should have been. What they should be is ashamed, at telling one small fib for the Kennedy clan, one giant fraud for the country.

Democrats Cover Up Menendez And Weinstein Corruption

While the salacious details of the Weinstein and Menendez affairs have occupied the public mind a more important question is left unaddressed: What did the other Democrats know about these two corrupt sexual predators and when did they know it?

Paul Ryan at the Center of the Greatest Political Scandal of the 21st Century

The greatest political scandal of the 21st Century isn’t that the Democrats allowed, or perhaps even facilitated the penetration of the House IT network by a ring of operatives with known ties to hostile Islamist interests, it is that Speaker Paul Ryan and his leadership team have done everything they can to cover it up.

Hillary Clinton's Real Illness Revealed

The Clintons and their Far Left allies are concealing her illness not for the sake of her privacy, but because the truth blocks their path to power.  And that craven lust for power, and their willingness to tell any lie to obtain it, is what should frighten Americans about Hillary Clinton and her allies and dissuade voters from letting her, and them, anywhere near the White House.