Time for Moral Pushback

William Murchison, The American Spectator

We ought to remake the acquaintance of America’s free thought tradition. The time has come to begin belaboring our teaching institutions — schools, universities, legislative chambers, TV stations, newspapers, and magazines — over the ongoing lockdown among us of reasoning and reflection. Our political candidates in 2020 should insist loudly on hearings not just for approved ideas but also, hardly less important, for disapproved ideas, such as argument and debate as cognates of human well-being and freedom, and that same freedom as the explanation for our success as a nation.

Stop America’s Endless Kristallnacht Before It Destroys Our Country

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

The nonstop character of this American Kristallnacht is gradually destroying our cities and therefore our country as we know it. Gov. Cuomo wants to bring the rich back to New York—good luck with that—while LA’s mayor Garcetti watches people flee the Hollywood Hills and even Beverly Hills for safer outlying districts. And those are the problems of the affluent. What about those who can’t afford to move? They are stuck dealing with perpetual violence, living among homeless junkies, and braindead political fanatics. Although history may not repeat exactly, it does, as they say, rhyme.

Which Team Will Be the First?

Larry Thornberry, The American Spectator

I’m too old to put up with BS. I’ll truly miss competitive sports, which have been such a big and rewarding part of my life for seven decades. But I’m not about to choke down ignorant and destructive revolutionary politics (not to mention empty virtue-signaling) as part of the price of the games. Since the Rays began play in Saint Petersville in 1998, I’ve attended about 60 games at the Trop. As long as (Rays owner) Stu and the boys feel obligated to engage in and promote left political causes, with baseball games thrown in to perfume their virtue signaling, then I’ll never see the Trop for a 61st time.

Stop making sense

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

You cannot reason with these people. You are not going to talk them out of their quest for power over you by deploying bourgeois conceits like "facts" and "evidence." Yet so many of us see what's happening and still take to Twitter or (increasingly) Parler to point out the sheer ridiculousness of the enemy's latest antics. But these actions are not ridiculous. They are tactically genius. Instead of confronting an impenetrable defense, they just scuttle around it and attack into our rear. So how do we beat them? Stop making sense. Unless it's directed at the unwoke, making sense is a waste of your time.

The Purity Spiral Turns, as Courage Goes Missing

Roger Kimball, The Epoch Times

Purity spirals end only when confronted and exposed. Efforts at conciliation, like the habit of appeasement, serves to increase their ferocity and their velocity. A statue of Teddy Roosevelt or Abraham Lincoln has nothing to do with the death of the unfortunate George Floyd, neither, for that matter, do statues of Robert E. Lee or Andrew Jackson. An innocuous comment by a eminent art historian about a figure from the past whose actions helped to preserve the material deposit of civilization is not “disgusting,” it is salubrious and illuminating. To pretend otherwise is to play into the hands of the zealots.

Conservative Principles Never Require You to Submit to Tyranny

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Any principle that applies to us but not to them is not a principle but a mini suicide pact, and we’re not doing it. Principles are nice things to have. They are a marker of a healthy society. But today our society is not healthy, and we are not morally obligated to pretend that it is by observing to our own detriment norms and rules that are not universally applicable. And we won’t cure what is wrong with society by further empowering those who have sickened it at the expense of our own liberty. My principle is freedom, and any principle that doesn’t make me freer is not a principle worth having.

Good Bye, Teddy Roosevelt

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

I came to know Teddy Roosevelt was a more complex character than just a goody-goody conservationist with exotic friends. There were, shall we say, imperialist overtones. But bad as they may be, is that a reason to excommunicate him from his place in front of one of America’s iconic museums, a place his activities and interests merited far more than any other president? Actually, I think it’s insulting, removing statues like Roosevelt’s, insulting to blacks, whites, and everyone else. Unless we are truly imbeciles, all of us know life is complicated, and few people are pure. New York will never be the same.

Hey, Black Lives Matter: Do You Really Want China to Run the World?

David P. Goldman, PJ Media

African-Americans whose ancestors were brought here in chains have every reason for rancor against the West. There are two possible outcomes for the 21st century. Either world leadership remains with the U.S.–which forced the liquidation of the great Euorpean empires and stood godfather to the independence of former colonies–or it passes to China. To China, black lives don’t matter. Not at all. The West was founded on the principle of universal human dignity. Whatever its sins, lapses and hypocrisy, this principle is the core DNA of the West. Think about it, BLM. You won’t like the alternataive.

The Triumph of the Country Mouse

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

The major cities are broke. They are no longer even marginally clean and safe, and their police nationwide will calculate that it is not worth getting killed, being fired, spat upon, or put in prison to answer a 911 call. Our big cities are governed by a blue paradigm that fairly or not will now be increasingly synonymous with crime, debt, and high taxes that ensure bad services. Most city dwellers by needs and habit will still stay there. But millions will increasingly seek to avoid cities and will appreciate their virtual upsides from a distance without having to endure their real downsides.

The Elites are Revolting

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

This is all part and parcel of a strategy to strip us of any kind of refuge or recourse from abuse. We cannot look to the marketplace of ideas to make our case because our case has been declared verboten. The institutions are arrayed against us. The law means nothing because it will not be enforced neutrally. So why again do we consider ourselves bound by the social contract the establishment has been using like Charmin? Despite it all, we have made progress since the 2016 election – some good judges, no more wars, trade realism with China. But this is intolerable to the leftist Establishment.

Yesterday Came Suddenly

Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator

Who is to blame for such tragic events? Excuse me for pointing out what absurd consequences might result if we follow the logic of Progress to its possible conclusion. So much news in the headlines of the past few weeks has been absurd that I don’t think we can rule out further absurdities. Our happiest childhood memories are now subject to being denounced as hate crimes, and the history we’re not allowed to celebrate keeps repeating itself anyway, sometimes as farce, but too often as tragedy. “I believe in yesterday,” Paul McCartney once sang. Soon we may be left with no yesterday to believe in.

The liberal media's deadly art of racial hatred and keeping America divided

Robert Knight, Washington Times

Prejudice doesn’t go away overnight, and black crime fuels it. But it’s wrong and even murderous to stir up racial hatred to keep us divided and deny all the good. Blacks are far likelier to be crime victims, too, which is why the insane demand by Democrats to reduce police budgets or disband police departments (Minneapolis) will leave more law-abiding blacks to the tender mercies of criminals. The overt lie is that BLM is a “civil rights group.” No, it’s not. Funded by the likes of George Soros, BLM promotes a communist, “queer,” anti-Christian and anti-Semitic revolution to transform America.

Why We’re In the Mess We’re In

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

The real cause, shall we say the uber-cause, is what I call Sixties Envy—and I, a card-burning member of that generation, am among those responsible. Mea culpa, and then some. But there is a difference. At least back in the sixties and seventies there was something to protest about. The Vietnam War, like it or not, was real. What’s going on now is not. What strikes me as a possibility is these are the very people who stood aside during the sixties, who didn’t participate and looked on with envy at all the goings on. They are now getting their chance. They have Sixties Envy just as BLM and Antifa do.

10 Rules for Postmodern Rioting

Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness

The peaceful protests against the terrible brutalization and death of George Floyd soon either themselves turned violent or, in many cases, were hijacked by Antifa operatives and opportunistic looters or both. It was certainly not as alleged a “small number” who destroyed swaths of New York, Santa Monica, Minneapolis, or Philadelphia. After watching hours of such footage of mayhem and destruction, one can glean a few rules that the rioters apparently followed quite religiously. And they are often disconcerting if not bizarre. Here are 10. Selfies. Masks. Race. Staples. Class. The Children. Because...Reasons. Media. Stuff Happens. Mixed-up Messaging.

Shave It Off, Girl, Or You’re Not Really Woke

Scott McKay, The American Spectator

With the humiliating and insulting bits of virtue-signaling so many woke white liberals are engaging in, why shouldn’t woke white women shave their heads to show support for Black Lives Matter? So what if trolls originally came up with it? It’s far more permanent than kneeling, and it makes a far more personal statement than a CashApp transaction. What better way to say you’re sorry for your white privilege than shaving your head and spending the summer bald? After all, once you’ve shorn your locks and assumed a Sinéad O’Connor style, everyone around you will recognize you’re not only “woke” but you’re serious about it.

More Than Ever, It’s Time to Unleash the Power of 'No'

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

It’s time to push back on these punks. They leverage our natural politeness and tendency to try to avoid conflict to take advantage and seize the high ground. Refuse to play along. They leave you spinning your wheels by drawing you into trying to reason with them when reasoning is beside the point. You do not owe them a debate. Mock them instead, and stubbornly defy their commands. A strategic information operation like the one designed to control the acceptable (Read “Leftist-friendly”) scope of thought and speech in society can only work with your complicity. It fails completely when you refuse to play along.

Welcome to Maoist America

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

This American cultural revolution began decades ago on our campuses and in our media. Now it is taking over our streets. Viewpoint diversity is a thing of the past with faculty meetings morphing into our own versions of Maoist “struggle sessions,” teachers and professors first shutting their mouths if they disagree, then exercising what amounts to “self-criticism” to save their jobs or just to gain some peace. Students have gotten the message, writing their papers and editing their classroom speech in a manner not to offend the politically correct faculty, administration, and fellow students that surround them.

Across the Wide, Growing American Divide

Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media

Red- and blue-state America was already divided before the coronavirus epidemic hit. Is there any agreement between them? Perhaps. Red-staters are not flocking to blue-state urban corridors, where the virus hit hardest. They are happy to live in less crowded places, have detached homes, and be free of government edicts that often make little sense other than to showcase the dictatorial powers of petty bureaucrats and local officials. Even blue-staters are beginning to see their mass transit, high-rise living, and clogged streets more as incubators of disease than as the circulatory system of an exciting, high-end life.

Democrats' moral compass broken beyond repair

Robert Knight, Washington Times

Mr. Comey, who also leaked a memo about his confidential conversation with President Trump that wound up in The New York Times, was hired by the College of William & Mary to teach a course in “ethical leadership.” The average American looks at all this and can’t help asking if any of these leftist miscreants will ever face justice or at least not be rewarded. We have never seen anything like the three-and-a-half year war engaged by America’s domestic enemies against an elected president. Some might call it treason. It sure isn’t “loyal opposition.” Our only hope is that the truth will get out despite the media’s best efforts to quash it.

Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative during COVID-19 pandemic

Cal Thomas, Washington Times

A positive attitude, along with washing hands, practicing social distancing, staying home as much as possible and wearing face coverings, can have immunological benefits. We take so much for granted, including health, prosperity and freedom. All three are under attack -- we can never assume they can’t vanish in a moment. For those inclined to worship an authority higher than scientists, virologists and the federal government, there is a song Elvis Presley and others sang: “I’ve got confidence, God is gonna see me through. No matter what the case may be, I know He’s gonna fix it for me.” Let’s “accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative.”