Democrat agenda

Kamala Harris would rather talk platitudes than divulge her agenda

Editors, Washington Examiner

Since clinching the nomination, Democrat Joe Biden has moved decidedly leftward on economics, healthcare, and climate policy, and there is every reason to believe that Kamala Harris would push him in that direction were they to take office. Harris’s extremism is especially relevant given Biden’s advanced age. Were he elected, he would be older on day one than Ronald Reagan was on the day he left office. By the middle of his first term, Biden would surpass 80. Given the rigors of office, it isn’t crazy to imagine that Harris will be a uniquely influential vice president.

Conservatives Launch Impeachment Ads In Four Democratic House Districts

Club for Growth Action has launched digital advertisements in four key Congressional Districts. The ads will run in CA-45 (Katie Porter), IL-14 (Lauren Underwood), NM-02 (Xochitl Torres Small), and VA-07 (Abigail Spanberger) and ask voters to contact their Representatives in the U.S. House to stop supporting the phony impeachment process and instead start solving problems.

Democratic plan: Rob the young, hook us on federal handouts

Editors, Washington Examiner

Democrats have introduced a bill to exacerbate the damaging effects of the currect Social Security system. The Social Security 2100 Act would decrease lifetime earnings of today’s young people and increase that of today’s old people while also reducing the amount of money people make from work in order to increase the amount they get from the government. Picking the pockets of young workers to give more dosh to retirees is politically attractive because retirees are highly active in elections and are also a swing population. Younger people, by contrast, vote at a significantly lower rate. Social Security should be reformed so as to reduce dependency and fecklessness.