email scandal

Where's the Outrage?

Steve Berman, The Resurgent

Hillary and Bill Clinton have weaseled, cheated, and lied their way through eight years of one presidency, and are poised to take the reigns for another. Her lies are public and attested to by the government which refuses to prosecute her. Her crimes would result in lengthy prison terms for anyone not named “Clinton.” General Petraeus had his career blemished for much, much less.

The Summer Revolution Part 2: Democrats to Spend $800,000 to Disrupt GOP Convention

It wouldn’t matter whether Donald Trump or Jeb Bush was leading the Republican field – a summer of radical Leftist violence is coming, and it was planning, building and organizing long before Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican candidate for President. And in their plans to disrupt the GOP Convention Democrats will be working hand-in-glove with their allies on the far-Left, many funded by Leftist billionaire George Soros.

Senator Ted Cruz’s Powerful Response To The FBI’s Decision Regarding Clinton’s Email Scandal

Susan Wright, RedState

After yesterday’s announcement by FBI Director James Comey that Hillary Clinton would skate on charges of wrongdoing, in regards to her hiding, destroying, and total mishandling of sensitive emails, Senator Cruz made a strong statement.

Hillary Clinton Stuns George Stephanopoulos With Her Email Lies

streiff, RedState

If a long time Clinton retainer, like Stephanopoulos, is playing the email story as something other than inside the beltway scandal dreamed up by a vast right wing conspiracy, then there are things moving under the surface that we little people can only guess at.

Clinton’s email troubles deepen

Julian Hattem, The Hill

Hillary Clinton broke State Department rules through the use of her private email server during her time as secretary, according to a government report that will be formally released today. The 83-page report from the State Department’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) compounds the problems that have dogged the likely Democratic presidential nominee since before her entry into the race.

Is Huma Abedin Hillary Clinton's Alger Hiss?

A security clearance and access to the highest levels of American military and diplomatic intelligence are not constitutional rights. It is time for Ms. Abedin to be put under oath to answer questions about her associations with the Muslim Brotherhood, whether or not she lied during her security clearance process and her role in moving classified material from the secure State Department system to the unsecure Hillary Clinton email server.