Democrats Try Extra-Constitutional Plan To Revive ERA

Radical feminists and Far Left Democrats are trying to revive the ERA without going back to Congress and passing a new proposed constitutional amendment. Democrat Rep. Jackie Speier (CA-14) has introduced H.J.Res.38 in an attempt to bypass the biggest constitutional roadblock to the ERA’s revival; its failure to meet the 1982 extended deadline.

Liberals Killed Equal Rights Amendment, Not ‘Religious Right’

Bill Donohue, CNS News

A New York Times editorial demonized the "religious right" for "fearmongering," when, in fact, it was liberal women who fought the E.R.A. for decades. The role that feminists played in killing the E.R.A. is not something that liberals want to talk about. They would rather demonize the "religious right." If we are to have an honest discussion on the E.R.A., we will have to turn to sources other than the New York Times and the ACLU.

How Phyllis Schlafly Saved The Conservative Movement

By Richard Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
No matter how bad things looked on Capitol Hill during the 1970s, hope and encouragement came from Phyllis Schlafly and her legions of women who defeated the ERA state-by-state and in so doing showed conservatives what effective political organizing and bare-knuckle politics could accomplish when it was separated from the drag of the Republican establishment.