establishment Republicans versus conservatives

Establishment's Enzi Targeting Jeff Sessions

Gaston Mooney, Conservative Review

Are Repubs. about to bench their all-star budget player & replace him with a minor leaguer? While Enzi is far from a liberal, he doesn't measure up to Sessions in terms of serving as a leader and a voice on critical issues. 

Pete Sessions' Staff Attacks TEAParty

Sarah Rumpf, Breitbart

Tea party activists are “liars and charlatans,” said Kim Locus, the campaign manager for GOP-E Rep. Pete Sessions. Locus called tea party activists the “Fundamentalist Taliban Tea Party” and taunting supporters Rep. Scott Turner.

Why Does Anyone Listen To Karl Rove’s Empty Advice?

Karl Rove says Republican Senate candidates face something like a $20 million deficit verses their Democratic opponents.The problem closing the deal with voters that Republicans are having in 2014 isn’t a lack of money. It is a lack of message.

Don't Trust Coulter on the TeaParty

Jen Kuznicki,

Ann wants to keep on pumping DC full of more and more liberal squish. She went to great lengths before '12 elections to push out every conservative, played like a conservative enough to fool enough people. Don’t trust her with your voting decisions, or your pocketbook.

Sarah Palin Blasts Noonan

Dylan Byers, Politico

Sarah Palin issued a backhanded compliment to Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan, commending her most recent column while at the same time faulting her for taking so long to come around to defending conservatives.

GOP Myths About Conservative Candidates

Mike Flynn, Breitbart

Karl Rove, the US Chamber, and other special interests have vowed to spend whatever it takes to prevent citizens from nominating the "wrong" candidates. Setting aside the conceit that these interests know better than voters who should represent them, are these concerns even valid?

Kasich Faces TEA Party Challenger

Tal Kopan, Politico

OH Gov. John Kasich will get a tea party challenge in the primary, a reaction to his support for policies including promoting Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion. Local tea party leader Ted Stevenot will announce his candidacy, along with his lt. gov. candidate, former OH Black Repubs. Assoc. President Brenda Mack.

Chamber's War on Right Is So WRONG

Quin Hillyer, National Review Online

If US Chamber strategist Scott Reed really wants "no loser candidates" and "no fools on our ticket," then he should recuse himself. It takes a truly foolish Repub. consultant to declare war on the GOP’s most energized troops; the same fool who advised R's to work for gun control and who ran the incompetent '96 Dole campaign.

What's Behind the RINO Attack on the TeaParty

Stan Deatherage, Beaufort (NC) Observer

Stan Deatherage, the longest serving Repub. Beaufort County (NC) Commissioner weighs in on the attack on the conservative/grassroots/TEA party by the Estab. RINOs. "The source of this ongoing Repub. altercation is that there are two party factions - one side driven by principle, the other side driven by personal success."

Boehner's Betrayal of His Party

Jenny Beth Martin, New York Times

The founder of the Tea Party Patriots writes, "When establishment Republicans call spending increases spending cuts, deny that raising taxes is a hike, and champion deficit reduction that doesn’t scratch the surface of our nation’s debt, it suggests a detachment from the facts."

McCain, Boehner Can't See or Lead Beyond Beltway

Dan Reihl,

The GOP is too busy playing Beltway politics and increasingly out of touch with its very own grassroots base across the nation.

GOP-E Aided D's in Attacking Conservatives

Streiff, Red State

If you want to know who is funding these moderate Republicans this year the answer is in. It is the Dems. In fact, The Republican Main Street Partnership is backed by labor unions.

Budget Deal Sparks Revolt

Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator

This phony budget deal is further evidence that the state legislatures must step up.

TeaParty Unscathed in Early GOP War

Anna Palmer, Politico

The GOP civil war's early skirmishes ended with the tea party no weaker than it was. The opening battles suggest the establishment is just starting to see how much it will take to reclaim the power it has ceded to the tea party movement in recent years.

Mitch McConnell Is Imploding

Dan Reihl,

McConnell is effectively out of touch with the GOP base and now routinely being owned by Harry Reid and the Democrats. Worse, all he seems capable of now is lashing out at his own side.

Scarborough Bashes Conserv. Radio

Kyle Drennen, Media Research Center

Failed radio host and estab. Repub. Joe Scarborough took to NBC to bash conservative talk radio hosts for firing up grassroots to fight to the death every time to prove that they're sufficiently conservative-- all for profit.

Lib Media Helps Norquist In War on Cruz

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

Estab. Repub. Grover Norquist lambasted Ted Cruz on progressive radio with Pete Dominick. Norquist’s ATR staffers have engaged in a deliberative Twitter campaign against Cruz and the Tea Party movement.

McConnell: Ready to Fight GOP Base

Daniel Horowitz, Red State

If McConnell is willing to telegraph the message that he is so committed to avoiding brinkmanship – to the extent that he is willing to fight his own party – why would Obama ever have an incentive to negotiate on anything?

King: GOP Should Go After Cruz

Greg Richter, Newsmax

Rep. Peter King has had enough of Ted Cruz, saying the GOP should "start going after" the freshman TX Repub. to stop him from repeating the actions that King says led to the shutdown. Cruz's actions have even made Obamacare more popular when it should be failing in public opinion because of the glitches in its rollout, said King.

The Enemy Within

Jen Kuznicki,

Though the GOP establishment would like to blame its current problems on the tea party, they are truly at war with the base of their party, smearing good conservatives who would naturally be tea party favorites.