Ruth Marcus and the Morality of the Ruling Class

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

The subtext of Marcus’s piece is that children are not gifts from God — that parents have a duty to respect regardless of their feelings — but property they can keep or destroy as they see fit. Woe to the child that is deemed “unwanted.” As defective as older parental cultures might have been, at least they didn’t involve that level of hubris and domination. In cases of hardship, those cultures turned to adoption, not abortion. Now adoption isn’t even mentioned and only the feelings of parents matter.

Washington Post Writer: Killing Down Syndrome People OK

Pro-abortion advocates, such as Ruth Marcus, claim they are standing up for the rights of American women. The reality is what they are advocating is a new wave of eugenics through which those who can, through pre-natal genetic testing, be determined to have Down syndrome or who are otherwise deemed undesirable are hunted down and killed.

Three Parent Babies? Our Macabre New World

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

For every problem this macabre culture seeks to eliminate, it creates multiple new ones. It prides itself on lowering the number of diseases, even as it increases the number of deaths. But in a grim irony the “perfect” child to which it aims will turn out to be as unfortunate as the orphans of the past, reduced to confusion about the identity of his or her biological parents.

Eugenic Hillary’s Pitch to the Disabled

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

How a society treats its most vulnerable members, we’re told by Hillary, is the true test of its character. But by that standard she has none. She favors killing the weak in the womb. Look at her clamoring for the elimination of the Hyde Amendment. That policy is nothing more than Margaret Sanger’s vision of government-financed abortions for undesirables (which will lead ultimately to government-forced abortions).