Bernie Sanders and his cynical proposition: Giving incarcerated felons the vote

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

Very often Democrats will propose a ridiculously extreme position, like allowing terrorists and serial killers to vote from prison, and then the “compromise” becomes the actual dynamic they were seeking. In this case, perhaps either allowing people in prison to vote who are not felons, or enfranchising felons who have been released from prison but are still on parole having not yet actually completed their sentence. Democrats laugh when they suggest we take five steps toward the cliff and Republicans chime in, insist on “compromise,” arguing for taking just two steps toward the cliff. That’s a win, we’re told. Is it?

Ted Cruz on Jeb Bush: ‘Rule of Law Matters’

Lucy McCalmont, Politico

Sen. Ted Cruz says illegal immigrants endure “heartbreaking” conditions, but wouldn’t agree with Jeb Bush that they aren’t committing a felony.