GOP Senate

Why a worthless GOP Senate is worth preserving -- for now

Ralph Z. Hallow, Washington Times

McConnell and the other anti-emergency powers Republicans would have a good case if Mr. Trump were conducting an imperial presidency the way his predecessors in both parties did, going back to former President Lyndon Barnes Johnson. But Mr. Trump instead has had to face Democrat-light GOP leadership in both chambers. The failure of Republicans to understand the levers of power available to them and to use them for necessary ends — like the southern border wall — is tantamount to felonious negligence. It is also typically Republican.

GOP Knocks Off Four Senate Democrats

David Catron, The American Spectator

Yesterday was a good day for the “world’s greatest deliberative body.” The voters banished four Democratic Senators to outer darkness. One of the most important GOP pickups in the Senate was the Florida seat Bill Nelson has occupied for 18 years. Former Florida governor Rick Scott won that race by a 1 percent margin after a race characterized by Nelson’s lethargic campaign, false tweets and his vote against Kavanaugh. There are still races around the country that have yet to be called as this is being written, but regardless of the grandiose claims that will inevitably be made by the Democrats and the media pursuant to their recovery of the House majority, the fabled blue wave failed to materialize yesterday.

GOP has to act fast to confirm Kavanaugh before it's too late

Paul Moreno, Washington Examiner

President Trump nominated his justice quickly; Republican senators need to act just as fast. If history tells us anything, it’s that they may not get another chance, even if Trump is re-elected in 2020. Along with a more volatile electorate, weaker and more polarized parties, we have a Supreme Court that is much more powerful than before the era of divided government. And that, above all, is the reason that Republican senators must make sure that this opportunity is not missed.