government shutdown over Obamacare

Why Didn't Dems Delay OCare Pre-Shutdown?

Eric Scheiner, CNS News

Ted Cruz wants the media to ask Dems why they are considering a delay to ObamaCare now, and why they voted to shut the government down instead of supporting a delay back in Sept.

Get Mitch

Jason Zengerle, Politico Magazine

Mitch McConnell may be the most hated man in the Senate, even among Repubs. His poor response to Ted Cruz after the shutdown has R's thinking that they may need new leadership.

Cruz Hands Off in Sessions Race?

Molly K. Hooper and Bob Cusack, The Hill

Will Ted Cruz endorse tea party fave Katrina Pierson who is taking on estab. Repub. Sen. Pete Sessions? Sessions claims that he has conservatives' support.

Nat'l Review to GOP: Win Some Elections

Howard Kurtz, Fox News

National Review writers blast Cruz and his supporters for the failed shutdown-Obamacare tactic, pointing out that R's need to focus on winning elections and this wasn't going to help. "You can generate plenty of headlines with confrontational tactics, but you can’t govern with one-half of one party in one house of Congress."

Zombie Republicans

Jed Babbin, American Spectator

Problem One with the R. establishment’s narrative is that they haven’t created any strategies that have succeeded in forcing Obama to bargain a compromise. If they had a better idea than Cruz’s filibuster, we’ve yet to hear it.

Shutdown Wins, Lessons Learned

Michael Hammond, Human Events

Where do conservatives really stand after the government shutdown and debt ceiling battle? The answers will surprise you.

Paul: Shutdown Over OCare Wrong

Boston Herald Staff

"I've always thought really if you want to talk about Obamacare, talk about's going to cause unemployment, loss of hours at work and cause insurance to go up. But attaching it to shutting down the government, I didn't think was a good idea," stated Rand Paul.

McConnell's Promises

Alexander Bolton, The Hill

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell says he will not allow another government shutdown as part of a strategy to repeal ObamaCare.


Alexis Levinson, Daily Caller

'The only acceptable way out of this is some deal that funds the federal government without funding Obamacare.'

What's Wrong W/ The Repub Right?

W. James Antle III, American Conservative

If conservatives won’t start taking results more seriously, you can bet the rest of the GOP soon will. In order to achieve victory, the late conservative activist Howard Phillips used to say, “first we must seek it.” Even before that, we must define it—and perhaps more ambitiously than we have done in the past.

House GOP Leaders Starting (Maybe) To Get It

House GOP leaders may not be limited government constitutional conservatives, but at least they are starting to become better politicians and put Obama and the Senate Democrats on the wrong side of an issue that has 92 percent approval by insisting on a “no Congressional exemption” provision in the continuing resolution to fund the government.

Lee: D's Lying About Shutdown

John Bresnahan, Politico

Pushing back against the Dem. line that his drive to defund Obamacare could lead to a gov't shutdown, Mike Lee told supporters it was a “false narrative based on an absolute lie” and vowed to continue his efforts.

Defunding Obamacare Myths

Amy Payne, Heritage Foundation Blog

Yes, Obamacare CAN and MUST be defunded. The Left is lying: OCare opponents are NOT trying to shut down the government.

Grassroots Want OCare Defunded

Erik Wasson and Elise Viebeck, The Hill

House conservatives say grassroots support is building for their effort to risk a government shutdown to defund ObamaCare.

Heritage: GOP's Gutless

Matt Fuller, Roll Call

Heritage Action for America CEO Michael Needham on Thursday cast House Republicans as gutless for backing down on Obamacare and the farm bill.

DeMint: O to Blame If Gov't Shuts Down

Audrey Hudson and Amy Woods, Newsmax

"If Obama would not accept a funding bill for the government that fully funds the government but didn't have his failed law in it, then he would be shutting down the government."