Matt Bevin Wins. Barack Obama’s Democratic Party Loses Again.

Erick Erickson, RedState

Matt Bevin won in Kentucky. He won bigger than anyone expected. He owns this win. But it is again worth noting that nationally Democrats keep losing with Barack Obama as President. The public keeps rejecting the President’s party. They did it last night in Kentucky.

Tea Party Elects Its First Governor – Matt Bevin of Kentucky

Don’t believe establishment media stories about the death of the Tea Party movement. The results in yesterday's Kentucky elections demonstrate that when a limited government constitutional conservative like Matt Bevin heads the ticket, and runs as an unabashed conservative, it can lead to a virtual wipeout of the liberal establishment.

If You’re In Kentucky, Go Vote for Matt Bevin Today

Erick Erickson,

Folks, it is time. Today is the day to go put a Republican in Kentucky’s Governor’s mansion. I’m told late polling has Bevin up, but by less than one percent. It is going to be extremely close and every vote counts.