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Why Gun Grabbers Are All In To Defeat Kavanaugh Nomination

"Kavanaugh believes in a very vigorous Second Amendment right to bear arms, and he thinks there is little room for constitutionally permissible gun control," says UCLA law professor Adam Winkler, which is one reason why the Left so vehemently opposes him.

Guns Don’t Kill People, But Gun Bans Do

Justin Haskins, The Federalist

By taking guns away from innocent people, the government would not only be violating people’s basic human rights, it would also be putting everyone at greater risk. America doesn’t need additional gun bans, it needs more law-abiding gun-owner heroes like Stephen Willeford (who intervened in the Texas church shooting). The sooner the public realizes that, the better off we’ll all be.

Mr. Hogg's Revolution

What I concluded after looking at history is that if you are in America today, there’s nowhere in the world left to flee if you want to be free. This is it; if Mr. Hogg’s revolution wins and liberty dies here, then it dies everywhere for generations to come.

The Real Reason Democrats Want To Repeal The Second Amendment And Confiscate Firearms

As Democrats move further to the Left their demands for radical social change will continue to grow, and their readiness to achieve it through violent means will grow commensurately. Individual firearms ownership remains the one sure impediment to their ambitions.