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The right way to fix health insurance

Betsy McCaughey, New York Post

The way to correct injustice without abandoning the obese and chronically ill is called reinsurance. The government reimburses insurers or employers for the highest-cost patients. Paying directly for high-cost patients is smarter than subsidizing the healthy majority to overpay for insurance. The same reinsurance model can be used nationwide to rescue workers from the exploding cost of on-the-job coverage. Premiums will come down, resulting in more take-home-pay and fairness. Reinsurance costs money. But it can be funded by capping the deductibility of employer coverage. Workers will still come out ahead because reinsurance will lower their premiums.

Trump’s Making Health Insurance More Affordable

Betsy McCaughey, The American Spectator

The Trump administration is encouraging states to do it a fairer way, departing from Obamacare rules and allowing insurers to charge healthy buyers less than sick ones. That doesn’t mean people with pre-existing conditions are abandoned. The cost of their care is paid for out of general state revenues, spreading the burden widely instead of skewering buyers in the individual insurance market. Alaska, one of the first states to try it, was able to lower Obamacare premiums by double digits in 2018.

When insurance becomes a method of taxation

Daniel Oliver, Washington Times

People should be free to buy whatever health insurance they want, whether low deductible or catastrophic. Poor people can be subsidized as necessary, but not to the extent of making them better off than the people who pay the taxes that subsidize them. The inevitable free-riders should be dealt with sufficiently harshly to discourage free-riding. The market will work if we let it.

Is America The Last Pro-Life Refuge For Charlie Gard?

Europe's much-vaunted human rights laws have been of no use in protecting the life of disabled British baby Charlie Gard. Instead his parents have had to turn to America for help in their quest to save their baby.

Will McConnell Produce On Promise To Lower Health Care Costs?

There is a reason Big Pharma stocks, insurance stocks, and hospital stocks have gone up over the last two weeks. Because very little is changing when it comes to bringing down the cost of health care in this legislation.

DeWeese: The Solution to Healthcare Reform

Get government completely out of the healthcare industry where they don’t belong. Don’t try to write whole new policies. Let the insurance companies create policies to fit the market’s needs.

House R's Sue Obama Over Delay in OCare Mandate

Sophia Pearson & Kathleen Miller, Bloomberg

The complaint filed in DC fed. court said Obama unlawfully postponed one of the Obamacare’s central requirements, that most employers provide insurance to workers, without a vote of Congress. The House also claimed the admin. is improperly making payments to insurance companies.

Gruberizing America

Behind the chortling laughter that accompanies Jonathan Gruber’s boasts about taking advantage of the “stupidity” of average Americans there hides a darker and even uglier truth – there are thousands of little Jonathan Grubers embedded in every state, city and town across America.

GOP Sens. Urge Boehner to Block OCare Bailout

Sarah Ferris, The Hill

14 Republican Senators, led by Marco Rubio are calling on John Boehner to block any spending bill that pays for a program they deride as an “ObamaCare taxpayer bailout,” a move that could prompt another shutdown. 

12+ States To Cancel Healthcare Policies Due to OCare

Jim Angle, Fox News

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are about to lose their health insurance thanks to Obama and John Roberts. And because federal law requires a 60-day notice of any plan changes, voters will be notified no later than 11/1, right before the 11/4 midterms.

Do We Want Gov't Reimbursing Doctors for End-Of-Life Conversations?

Sheila Holt, American Thinker

If our federal monies are paying for discussions between doctor and patient on end-of-life issues, who do you think will dictate the guidelines for such discussions?

Cantor Takes On Mission Impossible

Molly K. Hooper, The Hill

House GOP-E leader Eric Cantor is taking the lead on crafting the R's Obamacare replacement proposal. The extraordinarily tough task faces many obstacles and is complicated by election-year politics and a GOP conference that is divided and wary of Cantor's moderate ways.

Bailout & Redistribution Scam 2014 – Obama Doesn’t Want You to Know

Little Tboca, Red State

Hidden in Obamacare is a neat little guarantee written for insurers. Charles Krauthammer said, “that buried deep in the ACA is a 'large government bailout' to cover up to 80% as insurance company losses.” Redistribution just crossed our empty plates again Americans.

Obamacare: Workplace Disaster Ahead

Betsy McCaughey, American Spectator

An additional 30 million people could lose healthcare coverage this year.

New Plan to Erase Obamacare

Bob Unruh, WND

Missouri state Sen. John Lamping's legislation, SB 546, cancels the requirement to participate and creates possible penalties for insurance companies.

OCare Foul-Ups=Chaos at Hospitals

John Hayward, Human Events

It’s chaos in the hospitals, as the disastrous system Obama inflicted on America leaves medical staff uncertain whether patients have valid insurance.

Latest OCare Flub: US Territories Left Uninsured

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker

The geniuses who foisted Obamacare on the public have another embarrassing failure on their hands. OCare was so sloppily drafted that US Territories may be unable to have health insurance.

New Obamacare Fees Coming in 2014

S.A. Miller and Geoff Earle, NY Post

Here comes the ObamaCare tax bill. The cost of Obama’s law will hit Americans in 2014 as new taxes pile up on their insurance premiums and on their income-tax bills.

Ed Schultz Stiffs His Employees, Dodges Taxes

Charles C. Johnson, Daily Caller

MSNBC host Ed Schultz didn’t pay for his workers’ health insurance despite advocating for single-payer health care. Schultz supports higher taxes on the rich but structures his companies to avoid them and got in trouble over delinquent taxes for one of his companies.

What a Conservative Social Safety Net Would Look Like – Part 4 of 4

In today's final segment of his article about effective conservative messaging writer Ben Hart brings his argument about how to frame a conservative message on the social safety net to its conclusion by taking on ObamaCare. Follow Hart's reasoning through all four segments of the article and tell us what you think.