Vile Democrat Adam Schiff Draws Opponent: California Super Lawyer Eric Early

In launching his campaign Mr. Early said, “Adam Schiff’s witch-hunt against our President is reprehensible. Schiff continually abuses his power and misleads the American people, wasting tens of millions of our dollars in the process. It’s got to stop. I’m sick and tired of being lied to by career politician Schiff as he tries to destroy the President and works to replace our Democracy with Socialism."

Inside the media’s relentless crusade to destroy President Trump

Kimberley Strassel, New York Post

The press has embraced its bias, joined the Resistance and declared its allegiance to one side of a partisan war. It now openly declares those who offer any fair defense of this administration as Trump “enablers.” It writes off those who question the FBI or Department of Justice actions in 2016 as “conspiracy” theorists. It acts as willing scribes for Democrats and former Obama officials; peddles evidence-free accusations; sources stories from people with clear political axes to grind; and closes its eyes to clear evidence of government abuse. For those worried about our increasingly polarized society, the media is feeding that divide.

At Democratic debate, notes of caution on impeachment

Byron York, Washington Examiner

If there is an impeachment enthusiasm scale running from cautious to gung-ho, some candidates took positions on the cautious end, despite their party's headlong race toward impeachment on Capitol Hill. Those candidates still seemed concerned that moderate Americans will see the party as so determined to pursue Trump that they ignore pressing national issues. Impeachment won't go away in the next Democratic debate, or the one after that. If House Democrats move forward, one of the candidates, six will have to actually vote on it. This means the concerns some of them voiced Tuesday night will be around for quite a while.

Mitch McConnell Goes Into Full Killer Turtle Mode On Impeachment

Senator McConnell’s stinging remarks about impeachment were long overdue, and will no doubt be seen by many as some sort of milestone in the impeachment battle – and well they might prove to be if they are followed up with action. One action Senator McConnell could take is to move the Senate to immediately dismiss the charges if they are ever brought.

Sen. Lindsey Graham Announces Ukraine Hearing With Rudy Giuliani

Sen. Graham announced the hearing saying, "Given the House of Representatives’ behavior, it is time for the Senate to inquire about corruption and other improprieties involving Ukraine. Therefore, I will offer to Mr. Giuliani the opportunity to come before the Senate Judiciary Committee to inform the Committee of his concerns." We hope once he hears from Mayor Giuliani he will subpoena Hunter Biden to explain what beside his father's name he put into his many foreign business ventures.

The Democrat Impeachment Circus

Rachel Bovard, American Greatness

There are few clear rules that govern the process of impeachment, which means that in the wrong hands, the process can be used primarily for political gain. There is a reason Pelosi hasn’t held a full House vote on this issue. It’s because the votes aren’t there. It’s the same reason all of the evidence against the president is discussed and held in secret. Allowing full transparency runs the risk of unravelling the one-sided narrative the Democrats are straining to build. Just trust us, they say. The longer Democrats persist in this manner, the more the nature of this “impeachment inquiry” is revealed to be what it truly is: a shameless, partisan, baseless, groundless, farce of a process.

Anonymous Accusations and Their Dangerous Purveyors

David Catron, The American Spectator

Anonymous accusations have been regarded with suspicion by honorable leaders for at least two millennia. Media hype and third-rate pollsters notwithstanding, the majority of voters know exactly what is going on here. The danger is that they will eventually conclude that any system that employs such people is irredeemably corrupt. Trump’s supporters voted for him because they still believe in the system, that it can be fixed with a new kind of leader who doesn’t worship the state gods to whom the Washington establishment swears obeisance. This may be the last chance to convince the voters that they really matter.

The resistance against Trump began the day he was elected -- This is not an impeachment process

Newt Gingrich, Fox News

By the day of the inauguration, January 20, 2017, the impeachment hunger was great enough that the Washington Post headlined Matea Gold’s article "The Campaign to Impeach President Trump Has Begun." As I wrote in my bestselling book, "Understanding Trump and Trump’s America," this effort to drive President Trump from the White House has never been about finding truth. It has always been about subverting the will of the people. You are not watching an impeachment process. You are in year three of an attempted coup d’etat, which started the day the president was elected. The evidence is there for anyone who wants to look.

Madness of leftist zealots

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

No president in modern times has also faced endless assaults on his right to even set foot in the Oval Office and exercise the powers of the presidency. Yet here we are, nearing the third anniversary of his election by a decisive margin, and still the resistance to his right to govern rages on. The precedent is terrifying. If this is the start of losers always declaring election results invalid, America is doomed. To hear the fulminations, impeachment won’t be enough. Only a public hanging will satisfy their bloodlust. There is no way to know how or when this madness ends. Only one thing is certain: it won’t end well.

Democrats ratchet up impeachment secrecy

Byron York, Washington Examiner

A week ago, House Republicans complained that Democrats imposed excessive secrecy on interviews conducted as part of the drive to impeach President Trump. Now, the situation appears to have gotten worse. In his much-criticized letter to Congress, White House counsel Pat Cipollone said Democratic handling of the impeachment investigation "violates fundamental fairness." He meant fairness toward the target of the proceeding, President Trump. But there is also the question of fairness toward the American people trying to follow an impeachment process shrouded in secrecy. Don't they have the right to know what the president's accusers say?

Is Impeachment Now Inevitable?

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

With polls showing a majority of Americans favoring an inquiry, and a Fox News poll showing a majority favoring Trump's conviction and removal, impeachment appears inevitable. Thus, as Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats seek to ram through a bill of impeachment by Thanksgiving, based on a phone call, Trump is preparing for siege warfare. As Trump has himself conceded, impeachment is probable, even if the outcome of this historic collision between the president and Congress, which will decide the fates of Pelosi, Trump and Biden alike, is, as of yet, undetermined. Yet in this struggle, Trump is not without assets.

Trump Makes Real Progress with China while Dems Play Impeachment

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

It's incumbent on us to find the better, more moderate parts of the regime and subtly encourage them (forming economic ties that work is one way) while still making sure that as Americans we see and sympathize with the cause of the democracy demonstrators. Thus far, Trump has done a rather accomplished job of this for a "diplomatic amateur." Meanwhile, the president publicly praises depots like Xi and Kim, much to the consternation of the CNNs of the world. It's a strategy, obviously. It's not clear the extent to which it will work. But if it does even some of the time, it's miles ahead of what his predecessors ever did.

What Is Impeachment For?

Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review

President Trump’s decision to forsake the Kurds will form no part of the House Democrats’ impeachment charges. But it could have an impact on Senate Republicans’ evaluation of his fitness, and their willingness to be his firewall. Things could become immeasurably worse for the president if what follows are weeks of powerful video images and on-the-ground reporting of atrocities by the Turks, and if the PKK predictably responds with terrorist attacks in Turkey that prompt Ankara to more aggression, potentially igniting a wider war. The political climate, and therefore impeachment climate, is anything but static.

We Now Have a Genuine Constitutional Crisis

David Catron, The American Spectator

Democrats frequently speak of “rights,” yet they are unwilling to recognize those of Donald Trump — as if the president of the United States is not entitled to the protections guaranteed every American by the Constitution. Nor are they willing to live up to their own rhetoric on impeachment. We have a congressional impeachment inquiry declared illegitimate by a presidential administration that has already been deemed illegitimate by the very Democrats who are carrying out the investigation without following their own House rules or the Constitution. To yours truly, that looks a lot like a genuine constitutional crisis.

Why should Republicans' avoidance of these channels be a scandal?

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

The abusive behavior, various tantrums and lawsuits, leaks and threats, and the deliberate attempt to overturn the 2016 election by impeachment have all been proof of the vital importance of Mr. Trump’s election. Democrats are essentially confessing that they know they cannot win the White House in 2020. We are simply now watching the system with the curtains pulled back, courtesy of our vote and Mr. Trump. Once again, the Trump election is exposing the inherent corruption at the foundation of our precious government. He is bearing the brunt of their rage, and we must stay focused so their corruption, and its concomitant soft coup, does not prevail.

Republicans vs. Screaming Anchors

L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham, CNS News

Politico posted a curious headline the other day: "News anchors fight back against GOP senators' refusal to condemn Trump." At this point, is it really news that "news anchors" are fighting the GOP? Why should Republicans' avoidance of these channels be a scandal? What took so long? Republicans accomplish nothing by appearing on MSNBC and CNN other than giving them some notion of nonpartisan credibility, something they manifestly don't deserve. It's now a consistent pattern on Sunday morning shows — puffballs for Democrats, the third degree for Republicans. Is it really scandalous that Republicans are sick and tired of it?

Whistleblower Lawyer Is an Ex-Hillary, Schumer Staffer

Jeffrey Lord, The American Spectator

Eventually the identity of these whistleblowers will leak. The Constitution is clear that “the accused shall enjoy the right … to be confronted with the witnesses against him.” It isn’t political rocket science to understand the American people are not about to be silent about denying a basic constitutional right to this president. They are not about to see their votes overturned by shadowy, unseen bureaucratic operatives from the CIA represented by an ex-Hillary and Schumer staffer who is also an Act Blue contributor. They have effectively transformed themselves into a highly effective Committee to Re-elect the President.

A Strong Economy Will Trump Impeachment Antics

David Catron, The American Spectator

The tightening labor market is a result of the dramatic increase in job creation fueled by Trump’s tax cuts and aggressive deregulation of business. Moreover, no matter how long impeachment lasts, the market forces already set in motion by Trump's policies will continue to produce economic growth, create jobs, and increase real wages. Unless he is caught on video eating a baby, the impeachment charade will eventually end, Trump will emerge stronger politically, and the economy will be growing apace. Then, on Election Day, the voters will decide whether they prefer paychecks or Democratic pie in sky. Most will vote for paychecks.

End impeachment secrecy

Byron York, Washington Examiner

The Democratic drive to impeach Trump over Ukraine is the first impeachment proceeding solely about foreign policy. The exercise of foreign policy sometimes involves secrecy. The imposition of secrecy was an enormous problem in public understanding of the Trump-Russia affair. Now, the American people deserve to know precisely why one party in the House proposes to remove the president. They deserve to know the facts behind the Ukraine matter. It is simply inconceivable that a party could seek to remove a president but say to the American people, in essence: Trust us, we've got good reason. The impeachment proceedings should be opened up.

The Pre-Impeachment of Donald Trump Never Stopped

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

Here we are approaching the holiday season with our country -- despite record-low unemployment, growing salaries, and a near-record stock market -- riven as never before since that original Civil War, the madmen and women in Washington driven by a bloodlust more appropriate to the Middle Ages. Will they come to their senses and start addressing matters that actually have to do with people's lives, not their own puny ambitions, and petty hatreds? Unlikely. So what are we "deplorables' to do? For now, take a breath and maybe look Heavenward... and make sure we're registered to vote in November 2020 in Surprise II, the Sequel.