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Vile Democrat Adam Schiff Draws Opponent: California Super Lawyer Eric Early

In launching his campaign Mr. Early said, “Adam Schiff’s witch-hunt against our President is reprehensible. Schiff continually abuses his power and misleads the American people, wasting tens of millions of our dollars in the process. It’s got to stop. I’m sick and tired of being lied to by career politician Schiff as he tries to destroy the President and works to replace our Democracy with Socialism."

Mitch McConnell Goes Into Full Killer Turtle Mode On Impeachment

Senator McConnell’s stinging remarks about impeachment were long overdue, and will no doubt be seen by many as some sort of milestone in the impeachment battle – and well they might prove to be if they are followed up with action. One action Senator McConnell could take is to move the Senate to immediately dismiss the charges if they are ever brought.

Senate Shouldn’t Dignify Impeachment Parody With a Trial

David Catron, The American Spectator

The Democratic impeachment parody is pathetic. If Democrats ever manage to produce articles of impeachment, the Senate shouldn’t dignify them with a trial. Conviction requires a two-thirds majority and the GOP would begin the process with a majority of 53-47. That means 20 Republicans would have to defect. Thus, the only purpose served by a trial would be to smear President Trump while generating enough sound and fury to convince the increasingly unhinged Democratic base that its “representatives” are actually accomplishing something. It would dignify the Democrats’ destructive agenda, their low regard for the voters, and their willingness to waste the Senate’s time on a tawdry circus.