Hey Democrats, Impeach This!

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

There is the possibility – remote, but worth considering – that the kind of spineless invertebratism of the remaining Mitt Romneys in the GOP somehow leads to 20 Republicans joining the Democrats and removing Trump on whatever trumped-up charges eventually take shape. The softcons imagine a return to the status quo ante of progressive victories and gentlemanly defeat for conservatives. Good luck with that. Do they think Americans will just sort of sigh, think “Well, we had a good run as citizens – time to be subjects,” and just go along? Or do you think the Democrats will start another round of civil chaos like they did when the Republicans refused to sign-off on slavery forever?

Impeachment: The Hearsay Conundrum

William Murchison, The American Spectator

On hearsay evidence — nothing proved, nothing established, nothing contextualized — it’s proposed we start an impeachment war sure to deepen political hostilities, roil our economic arrangements, and likely undermine foreign respect for our power and ideals. With no guarantees of visiting harm upon Donald J. Trump. The point, then, the point! What are we trying to accomplish here? Funny coincidence: It’s the very course the speaker recommended during the Obamacare debate. “We have to pass the bill,” Mrs. Pelosi informed us, “so we can find out what’s in it.” We have become as a people, it would seem, moral slobs, barely alert to the finer points of dispute resolution.

Impeachment: A Preview for What Could Come Next for Donald Trump

Hans von Spakovsky, National Interest

As the inquiry moves forward, it is important to understand that the Framers of the Constitution did not provide for impeachment as a partisan political weapon or as a response to a president’s policies with which members disagree. The House has impeached only two presidents in our history: Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1999. Both were acquitted by the Senate and, therefore, remained in office. Impeachment is a way of removing public officials for serious misconduct. It has been used very rarely in American history and should follow the norms and standards that America’s Founders understood when they provided for it in the Constitution.

In Trump impeachment, 'no one is above the law' could backfire on Democrats

Byron York, Washington Examiner

By stressing that Trump is not "above the law," Democrats are basing their case against the president on the argument that he broke the law and must be held accountable. But it's not at all clear that Trump broke any laws in the Ukraine matter. In the face of a vigorous Republican defense, any argument on that question is likely to end inconclusively. It will be very, very hard for House Democrats to show that Trump committed a crime. Democrats have not helped their cause by accusing Trump of criminal behavior. "No man is above the law" sounds good, but it requires the impeachers to make a case that the president did, indeed, break the law. Look for Democrats to seek an easier route.

Joe Biden's Parenting Is the Real Problem, Not Impeachment

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

We don't need Biden in the White House for a lot of reasons, but Joe's terrible example with Hunter is certainly one of them. How would he be as a spokesman for fathers in the home? Thankfully, it's getting increasingly unlikely that we will have him as president anyway. Panic has set in. News is breaking that Biden's campaign wrote executives at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and Fox News not to have Rudy Giuliani on the air. Rush Limbaugh is surely correct. We are in the midst of a "Cold Civil War." Biden himself, it's safe to predict, will soon be a sideshow, whatever his "family values." Warren, as most realize, is already the Dems' frontrunner. But the real action is with William Barr.

Pelosi Bows to Hollywood Extremists

L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham, CNS News

When Nancy Pelosi finally announced she would support an impeachment process, Tinseltown was positively giddy. The entertainment elites believe they are unusually gifted people. Yes, in American society, they are the closest things to royalty, a suggestion that should trigger nausea. But that is a reflection of society. What amazes is that these people actually believe they are royalty and, as such, are aghast when the unwashed masses don't agree. This latest impeachment attempt only underlines two things. First, they don't believe in democracy. Second, as usual, they have no idea what they're talking about, since nothing they're proclaiming will come to pass.

Ukrainegate Shows We Need Fred Fleitz As Director Of National Intelligence

The United States needs an effective and uncorrupted intelligence apparatus to play its part in defending the nation, and Fred Fleitz has shown himself to be an adept and able administrator capable of doing the housecleaning necessary to air out the stench of Leftwing partisan politics in the intelligence community.

Why the Impeachment Frenzy May Only Strengthen Trump

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

In this entire melodrama Biden will become the real casualty, and Trump the benefactor, at least in the long term. When the entire nature of the whistleblower, his handlers, and his media enablers is fully known, when attention turns, as it already has, to Biden’s real legal exposure, two things will follow: Biden will get snappy, befuddled, and indignant to questions, to the extent he will even entertain them — all the while losing ground to Elizabeth Warren. Trump will be the eventual beneficiary of Warren’s more likely and more alienating candidacy. And, even if impeached, Trump will be perceived, rightly or wrongly, as growing stronger for enduring ever shriller and more monotonous attacks.

Amid the political frenzy, eight keys to the coming Trump impeachment fight

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Here are eight keys to the future fight: 1. The 'cover-up' and the super-secret filing system; 2. What was said; 3. A William Barr recusal? 4. The House non-vote on impeachment; 5. Ukraine only? 6. The White House witnesses; 7. The whistleblower; 8. What the Bidens did. Those are by no means all the factors at work in the impeachment fight. But each is important, and each will help shed light on the biggest question of all: Did the president act improperly in the conversation with Zelensky? And if he did, was the impropriety of a type that merits criticism from Democrats, and perhaps some Republicans, or was it of a type that merits impeachment and removal from office?

Adam Schiff should be forced to take oath before every hearing

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

Henceforth, Mr. Schiff should be forced to stand and swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth if he wants to participate in any future hearings. As usual, Democrats accused Mr. Trump of a cover-up. Of what exactly? A cover-up of a non-crime? Did he attempt to cover up the simple fact that he was doing his job? At any rate, it is hard to accuse Mr. Trump of a cover-up when he is the one who unilaterally declassified the transcript of his call with the Ukrainian president as well as the official complaint by the hearsay gossip “whistleblower.” Certainly, if Mr. Trump is running a cover-up here, he is doing a very bad job of it.

Conservatives Unravel Deep State Coup Against Trump

In this long article we summarize the tangled backstory conservatives have been able to unravel about the latest Deep State coup against President Trump. The details they have developed reveal a breathtaking assault on the Constitution by a conspiracy of Democrats and Far Left operatives in the intelligence agencies, in Congress and in Soros-funded organizations.

The Real Winner of Impeaching Trump? Liz Warren

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

Whatever the truth of the charges, the problem here is that any investigation of potential corruption of Hunter Biden, and of the role of his father, the former vice president, in facilitating it, will be front and center in presidential politics between now and New Hampshire. This is bad news for the Biden campaign. And the principal beneficiary of Pelosi's decision that put Joe and Hunter Biden at the center of an impeachment inquiry is, again, Warren. Warren already appears to have emerged victorious in her battle with Bernie Sanders to become the progressives' first choice in 2020. And consider how, as she is rising, her remaining opposition is fast fading.

Impeachment Isn’t Supported by Evidence or the Electorate

David Catron, The American Spectator

The allegations made by the mystery whistleblower appear to have been false, and the phone call between Trump and the Ukrainian president was well within the president’s constitutional powers as they relate to foreign policy. The claim that it is grounds for impeachment is even more absurd than similar claims involving the Mueller report. That the Speaker of the House has finally been forced to endorse what she knows is a politically suicidal impeachment investigation suggests that her caucus is now controlled by the looniest elements of the loony Left. The Democratic Party is obviously in its dotage and can no longer be trusted to handle important issues.

Impeachment Gamble Already Backfiring on Democrats

Mark Davis, Townhall

As the gaggle of House committees tries to avoid stepping all over each other, a hungry media climate will devour every development. This may or may not be of benefit to a Democratic Party that has telegraphed its doubts about any of its candidates’ ability to beat Trump next year. That 2020 field will spend the coming weeks talking about little else. The topical oxygen that would otherwise be devoted to their healthcare plans, their environmental forecasts and even their broad critiques of the Trump era will now be consumed by the minutiae of Ukrainegate. Democrats may look back on this week and wonder if there is an exit strategy from a quagmire of their own making.

Why the Democrats Have Gone Insane

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

For the Democrats, trouble ahead, trouble behind. Ergo, impeachment. Of course it will never happen. (Pelosi knows that too. That's why she never held a congressional vote on this "inquiry.") And indeed the whole spectacle might be amusing in a macabre sort of way if there weren't important things going on in the world. The president is engaged in negotiations of tremendous significance with the Chinese and trying to neuter as much as possible the violent mullahs of Iran, but the Democrats don't care. In fact, they would prefer he fail, and seem to be doing everything in their power to make it so. To call that un-American is an understatement.

Pelosi’s impeachment flip-flop changes everything

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

Pelosi may think she went only halfway and could eventually back down on impeachment, but that’s wishful thinking. Anything less than a public flogging of Trump will not satisfy the far left of her own party, including the 150 or so House members who already demanded impeachment before the Ukraine issue appeared. Meanwhile, Pelosi’s endorsement also pushes the presidential candidates toward the impeachment path, whether they like it or not. None of them can possibly be against it, nor can they be wishy-washy about it. Within days, there will be virtually unanimous support among the White House wannabes. Anything less will be disqualifying among the loud left.

What Conservatives Are Saying About Impeachment

We're with our friend Mark Levin: What a stupid, baseless, phony scandal the Democrats, Nevertrumpers & media are trying to promote. Endless conga line of Democrats and the like crying crocodile tears while covering up for the crooked Biden family. It won’t work.

Nadler’s Fake Impeachment Inquiry

David Catron, The American Spectator

Sen. Doug Collins (R-Ga.), told Fox News that he felt sorry for Nadler. Collins said to Maria Bartiromo, “This is really pathetic. Nothing like this has ever happened in the House before.… If they really want to do this, they have to bring impeachment to the floor. This is simply a show.” Bartiromo suggested that it was a publicity stunt driven in part by Nadler’s desire to avoid a primary challenge next year from the Left. Nadler knows his committee’s recommendations will never reach the floor of the the House. Perhaps his fake impeachment inquiry is about nothing more than defending his soft congressional seat.

Storming Back to the Impeachment Charade

Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review

Democrats have the power to make an issue of the president’s fitness for office. They have the right to call for an impeachment inquiry. But they should have to do it in the light of day. Republicans should be using every means available to them, from procedural motions, floor and hearing speeches, and media outlets, to force Democrats to vote on convening an impeachment inquiry. Nadler, Pelosi, and House Democrats want to avoid the vote because they know impeachment is not what the country wants. They want to put an impeachment show on for their base without being accountable for an actual impeachment effort.

Impeachment charade deepens divide between Democratic leaders and voters

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Speaker Nancy Pelosi fears impeachment will backfire on Democrats, in large part because the Republican-controlled Senate will never remove Donald Trump from office. Her strategy appears to be to delay and delay until at some point it becomes obvious to all that it is far too late to make impeachment happen. The non-impeachment fix appears to be in, and everybody knows it except the voters and some cable news hosts. Every day is a day that impeachment is not happening. And when it finally doesn't come to pass, there will be a lot of disappointed people who made the mistake of taking all the talk seriously.