Impeachment trial is the ace up President Trump’s sleeve

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

While there’s some skepticism that Trump really wants to put everything on the line over allegations involving his dealings with Ukraine, I’m convinced he’s ­serious. Given the flimsy allegations and the unfair, one-party nature of the House process, beating impeachment in the Senate seems close to a sure thing. And doing so would dramatically boost Trump’s chances of getting four more years. Indeed, it’s probable that as impeachment goes, so goes the election. If Pelosi and Adam Schiff can’t muster 218 votes on a set of articles after five long days of public testimony and hyperbolic assertions that the president is an existential threat to the world, Trump will claim he’s been exonerated. Who could blame him?

Fact-Free Impeachment Redux

Democrats have not set forth any facts that support any claim of criminal conduct by President Trump. What is going on here is the criminalization of policy differences and the creation of a process to legitimize the raw hatred Democrats and the permanent political class have for Donald Trump. This is something not seen in our country since the lead up to the Civil War and it bodes ill for the future of constitutional government.

Democrats May Regret This Dance When Republicans Call the Tune

Ned Ryun, American Greatness

McConnell could stretch the trial out for six weeks, eight weeks, or even longer. Then, after maximum pain has been inflicted, he would hold the vote acquitting Trump. The 2020 Democratic presidential primary will be thrown into chaos. Fundraising would be disrupted. Campaign events would need to be rescheduled to accommodate the trial. Any real contender in the 2020 primaries—including material witness Joe Biden—would, of course, have to be in the Senate. So to Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and the rest of the Democrat clowns: by all means, throw us in the briar patch of a Senate trial. Let’s make that magic happen. When it’s all said and done, I’m pretty sure you will deeply regret it in November 2020.

Let The Election, Not Democratic Partisans, Decide Trump’s Fate

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

Even before his first day in office, President Trump was in the gun sights of the “deep state” and its media auxiliaries. And the origins of that “Get Trump!” conspiracy inside the “deep state” are now under investigation by the Inspector General of the Justice Department and the U.S. Attorney for Connecticut John Durham. The issue at hand: Criminal misconduct inside the U.S. government to determine the outcome of an election, and, failing that, to remove a president our government elite cannot abide. Bottom line: If this country is not to be torn apart for a decade, the decision to retain or remove President Trump should be made by those who put him in the White House and not by rabid partisans like Adam Schiff.

How Republicans Won Phase One Of Impeachment

Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist

Impeachment has been all but a foregone conclusion since Trump won in 2016. While many in corporate media will attempt to pretend otherwise, the first phase of impeachment did not go well for Democrats. It needed to be their strongest phase. It needed to be a time when support for the inquiry and impeachment grew. Instead, it shrank. Partly that’s due to Democrats’ failed strategy. But GOP members also played a significant role. They stood strong against both the media and Democrats, showed very little weakness, sent signals early on that they weren’t going to sit back and cower during the proceedings, and generally learned a great deal from the previous few years’ efforts to undo the 2016 election.

Misplaced Patriotism Is Damaging to Our Constitutional Order

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

To Trump's critics, “coup” is no longer a dirty word trafficked in by right-wing conspiracists. Instead, it has been normalized. Efforts to oppose Trump are often self-described as “The Resistance,” a reference to the underground French fighters resisting the Nazis in World War II. Trump’s opponents often have praised the deep state precisely because unelected career officials are seen as the most effective way to sabotage and stymie his agenda. A “coup” is no longer proof of right-wing paranoia, but increasingly a part of the general progressive discourse of resistance to Trump. In these upside-down times, patriotism is being redefined as removing a president before a constitutionally mandated election.

Trump impeachment inquiry obstructed by Democrats' 'whistleblower' secrecy charade

Andrew McCarthy, Fox News

Schiff is playing a lawless game with the so-called whistleblower: predicating the impeachment inquiry on this intelligence official’s complaint while blocking Republicans from questioning the official and other policy officials with whom he dealt. The suppression of relevant information obstructs the congressional investigation. If this were a legal case, there is not a court in America that would keep the whistleblower’s identity and the details of his role in the origins of the Democrats’ Ukraine investigation under wraps. If Democrats insist on proceeding with the impeachment inquiry, they cannot insist on secrecy. You cannot commence an adversarial proceeding and then deny the adversary the information needed to contest it.

The Vindman Intelligence Operation Against Trump

Vindman is a classic example of a disgruntled government employee who is ripe for recruitment by an opposing government’s intelligence agency. He is a bit player who feels disrespected. Only in this case the opposing intelligence service’s operation is not being run by a foreign power, but by anti-constitutional forces within our own government bureaucracy.

The President Pelosi Gambit

In the Far Left's fantasy of how to make Nancy Pelosi President without having an election, Trump would be successfully impeached and then Pence would be knocked out of the presidential succession because he was a “co-conspirator” with the president in the non-existent quid pro quo of military aid contingent upon Ukraine investigating Joe and Hunter Biden.

The Fatiguingly Lame Impeachment Hearings

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

Future historians will look back at these hearings as a pitiful and flailing attempt by the Democrats to undo the election of a president whom they couldn’t beat at the ballot box. It represents the last gasp of an ongoing Deep State coup — a campaign of spying and sabotage that began before his election and continued after it, culminating in the bumptious eavesdropping that generated the fruitless Mueller probe. Adam Schiff’s eyes seemed to grow more bulging as Tuesday’s testimony dragged on and he realized the day had turned out to be a dud. The tedium was finally too much for ABC and NBC, which joined CBS in ditching wall-to-wall coverage as it began to cut into the much more ratings-rich local news.

Coddling fake witnesses in a fake trial is an insult to real witnesses in real-world trials

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

Democrats on the House intelligence committee raise all sorts of crazy alarms about how people are somehow threatening the life of this revered bureaucrat if his name is uttered — never mind that virtually everybody in Washington thinks they already know exactly who it is and have gotten in on the game of not uttering his name. You mean to tell me we are going to impeach a president and remove him from office based entirely on the whistle blown by a partisan bureaucrat who can never be named? These people don’t have a shred of the integrity, honesty and bravery that exists in just one small finger of a truly brave child who stands before a real criminal in a real trial and accuses him of a real crime.

Why Dems are so worried after latest round of impeachment hearings

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

Once fair-minded Americans seriously entertain the question of whether the actions involved even amount to a crime, most will probably find it difficult to conclude Trump represents an urgent threat and must be removed immediately. All the more so when they can read the call transcript for themselves, as well as learn that Ukraine got the promised aid and never launched any of the investigations Trump requested. Adding to the surreal quality of the hearings is a crucial fact that gets too little attention: Trump’s policy toward Ukraine has been far stronger than President Barack Obama’s. Removing Trump would benefit Russia, proving that, for Dems, Ukraine’s security is just another pawn in their war against the president.

Dems Keep Destroying Their Own Impeachment Narrative

The fact is, much as Democrats and their Deep State allies hate Donald Trump, policy disagreements are not impeachable offenses. Schiff and the Democrats know they’ve got nothing else to back up their impeachment hoax other than bureaucrats voicing their opinions, but they continue to tear the country apart anyway.

The Impeachment Clock

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to wrap up impeachment as soon as possible before the debates resume in earnest and the primaries start, before the Horowitz and Durham reports, before the bored public wonders where exactly is the smoking gun, and before Trump’s polls get into the high forties. But mostly she just wants to get the off-putting Schiff off the national stage and to end his career as the icon of current progressivism. When Democratic inquisitors are reduced to lecturing the nation that “hearsay can be much better evidence than direct” testimony, and when Adam Schiff looks into the cameras and swears he has no idea who the whistleblower is, then it’s time to pack up the circus and leave town.

Desperate, impeachment-driven Democrats

Cal Thomas, Washington Times

It’s all a sham and a scam. We hear the same rhetoric every four years, especially about the wealthy and successful needing to pay their “fair share.” America is a land of opportunity, not guaranteed outcome. There are more opportunities than ever for a good education, good jobs and so many other things that make the country unique. Republicans have the better message. What they need is a better and more courageous way of promoting it. Desperation worked for Democrats during the Great Depression, but they have been living off inertia for more than seven decades. Desperation is not a policy, especially at a time when America is better off than it has been in decades. If impeachment is all Democrats have, it won’t be enough.

Impeachment by Focus Group

David Catron, The American Spectator

The storied stupidity of the American voter prevented “quid pro quo” from going viral and the Democrats turned to their ever-present consultants. They conducted the inevitable focus groups and produced a new crop of calumny that included such buzzwords as “extortion,” “bribery,” “abuse of power,” and “corruption.” The voters understand that the latest “impeachment inquiry” is just a campaign strategy for the Democrats, who assume they are idiots. They know the people running this circus despise them and intend to fundamentally transform the nation’s institutions into something irreconcilable with individual liberty. It will, however, take more than focus groups and a few new talking points. America isn’t listening anymore.

What If They Gave an Impeachment and Nobody Came?

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Here’s the deal about impeachment. All this three-ring clown show stuff, all these poll-tested narratives (“Remember, our focus group in Duluth says ‘quid pro quo’ is 7.632 percent less evocative than ‘bribery’! Everyone go with ‘bribery’ from now on!”), all these endless, rehearsed resumé dumps they call their opening statements, mean nothing. It’s a joke. This is not a fact-finding inquiry. This is kabuki theater for dumb people, trying to swing them around to embracing the fait accompli that is impeachment. But no one is listening. No minds are changing, except for people getting sick of an elite that considers the fact that it no longer holds unchallenged power to be America’s biggest problem.

Pelosi has gone full coup coup in Trump impeachment push

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

The speaker, who often sounds and acts as if she is cuckoo, has gone full coup coup. Pelosi is now the zealot leading the charge to boot Trump from office by any means necessary, facts be damned. Evidence that the change was complete came when she spoke to reporters a day after the first hearing. Pelosi’s absurd act would be comical if she weren’t doing such great damage to America. I’ve written before how her friends distinguish the speaker from her party’s far-left crazies, but that’s no longer possible. She’s one of them. With her actions and ridiculous comparison to Nixon, she seals her fate as a rank partisan heedless of the national interest. Pelosi had another, better option. Governing.

Impeachment Inquiry Finally Sees the Light of Day

David Catron, The American Spectator

Democrats made the odd choice to devote their first public hearing to a couple of Foggy Bottom diplomats, William Taylor and George Kent. Despite the lipstick that has been applied by the Democrats and the media, Wednesday’s hearing had a distinct porcine aroma about it. And nothing that Taylor or Kent offered neutralized the stench. Wednesday tended to prove what Devin Nunes said when the committee convened: “By undermining the president who they are supposed to be serving, elements of the FBI, the Department of Justice, and now the State Department have lost the confidence of millions of Americans.” The voters can smell the rot. And they will fumigate the swamp in 2020.

The Take Down Trump Project

Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal

No doubt many voters are sitting on the Trump bubble, uncertain whether to sign up for another spin with him or whatever the Democrats are supposed to represent now. Medicare for All? Former GOP House Speaker John Boehner’s wheel-spinning term looks like a legislative golden age compared to what Mrs. Pelosi has done with her majority. What the speaker may have recognized this summer is that the activists’ take down Trump project was turning into three wasted years, and that voters might go looking for someone to blame for that. Once the Adam Schiff show closes, undecided voters will have about 10 months to decide if his politics of pursuit and retribution has been worth the trouble.