Call These Vulnerable Democrats, Tell Them To Vote NO On Schiff’s Un-American Impeachment Rules

There are 31 Democrat members of Congress who represent districts that President Trump carried in 2016. We urge CHQ readers and friends to call those Democrats to tell them that, when Election Day 2020 rolls around, their District’s conservative voters will remember if they voted to help Adam Schiff frame President Trump and will hold them accountable at the ballot box.

New poll poses serious questions about Democratic impeachment drive

Byron York, Washington Examiner

There is a range of opinions among voters that is more complex than much of the yes-impeach-no-don't-impeach commentary in the media today. The Suffolk numbers suggest many Americans hold complex views of the Trump impeachment. Some are fine with the continued investigation, although large numbers don't believe they have yet seen an impeachable offense. The numbers of people who are ready to impeach Trump now, or who believe the whole thing should be called off, are not big enough to win the day. Democrats now hope televised hearings will convince Americans that the president must be impeached. Democrats should be cautious as they try again.

Is Trump Facing 1960’s-style Revolts?

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

Who wins when leftists go lawless — in liberal citadels like D.C.? This thinking echoes the famous “bodies upon the gears” speech of Mario Savio at the famous 1964 University of California, Berkeley campus riot: “There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that … you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop!” Riots started around the nation. Out of that came Richard Nixon’s 49-state landslide, Ronald Reagan, and Republican triumphs in five of six presidential elections starting in 1968. Bring it on.

After Baghdadi Action, Dem Candidates Have Their Work Cut Out for Them

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

Most likely Speaker Nancy Pelosi's real concern was maintaining her position as Speaker of the House in 2020, which now seems under threat. As do the Democratic presidential candidates. Al-Baghdadi's end may spell theirs as well. It will be hard for the public to envision any of them as a plausible commander-in-chief. Unfortunately for them, and the rest of the Dems, actions still speak louder than words. In this case, Ilhan was right. Something did happen -- and a lot of lives will be saved this time, mostly Muslim. Also, the president of the United States is well on his way to a second term. Some people will be very upset.

How The Establishment Media Is Helping Schiff Promote Impeachment

Schiff and the Democrats are counting on the establishment media’s willingness to rely on anonymous sources as a central element of their strategy to get President Trump. Keeping the impeachment inquiry behind closed doors means journalists will gobble-up anonymous leaks; the result is a deluge of hearsay reporting that allows Schiff and the Democrats to shape the narrative and stymie any fact-based defense from President Trump.

Care About Impeachment When They Have 67 Senators

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

This coup d’twerps is not about right or wrong, nor fact or evidence, and never was. Though he didn’t, Trump should have affirmatively conditioned Ukrainian military aid on that corrupt country ferreting out the truth about why snortunate son Hunter was getting a prima facie corrupt payoff from a foreign oligarch. That’s irrelevant. The Democrats know they can’t beat Trump through the political process, or through the legal process, so they are simply going to try to manufacture a façade of high crimes and misdemeanors and take him out purely because they can. If they can. It’s a gang fight we will win. The future belongs to those who can count.

Elizabeth Warren’s Search For A Personality

Given that the personalities of an oppressed Native American and Scold-In-Chief didn’t work too well with voters, and despite its Communist associations, it looks like Frances Perkins’ 120-year old persona may not be woke enough on the ERA, we presume Senator Warren’s team will continue its search for a suitable new personality for the Senator.

The President’s Best Ukraine Defense: Not an Impeachable Offense

Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review

The president’s camp should stick with and relentlessly argue his best point: The president’s actions in conducting Ukrainian relations do not establish an impeachable offense under the circumstances. I don’t see how one can condemn what happened in 2016, yet not see any problem whatsoever with President Trump’s handling of Ukraine — even with the caveat that to portray the Ukraine excesses as grist for impeachment is overkill. Ukraine seems like an effective campaign issue for Democrats, especially if Joe Biden is not the nominee. As the basis for putting the country through an impeachment crisis, though, it is likely to explode on them.

Why are Democrats acting like they have something to hide?

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

These are extraordinary events and the effort to expose the truth about both the spying on a presidential candidate and the subsequent plot to upend his administration is so rich with bombshell potential that you would think the media would be licking their chops over the scoops to come. Instead, The New York Times, CNN and the rest of the Democratic propaganda outlets are furious that the public may finally learn the whole sordid story about one of the most disgraceful episodes in presidential history. And so they have joined forces with Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Schiff, Nadler and Pelosi in attacking Barr for daring to hunt for the truth.

The Assaults On Trump Explained

What we have been witnessing is not American politics as usual, but a sophisticated intelligence operation to destabilize and overthrow the legitimate government of the United States. Each step along the path to impeachment is exactly what the CIA or the intelligence agency of a foreign power would do to destabilize and eventually replace the leader of an unfriendly government.

In impeachment, can Democrats focus on Trump intent and not result?

Byron York, Washington Examiner

The crimes Democrats have accused him of committing either never happened or were contemplated but never seen through to the finish. In addition, Trump himself does not view anything he did as criminal at all, hence his extraordinary openness with information, such as the rough transcript of his phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, plus his decision to allow White House staff to cooperate fully with special counsel Robert Mueller. Because of that, even if Democrats succeed in making a case against Trump, voters might reject removal from office, which is the political equivalent of capital punishment.

Impeachment Misfire: William Taylor’s Smokeless Gun

David Catron, The American Spectator

You can’t have a quid pro quo with no quo. As the chairman of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, Adam Schiff has an inexhaustible list of pretexts to hold secret hearings and thus prevent the public from witnessing the disgraceful charade. On Tuesday, William Taylor clearly arrived with an unloaded gun and perhaps revealed that he has a conflict of interest involving a corrupt Ukrainian energy company that is obviously in the habit of bribing American officials. Meanwhile, everyone is searching for that mysterious “whistleblower” in a bizarre Beltway version of Where’s Waldo? Such antics would be funny were they not so dangerous.

Senate GOP Needs A Spine Transplant

It’s time Republican Senators got a spine transplant from House Members like Reps. Andy Biggs, Matt Gaetz, Steve Scalise, Devin Nunes and John Ratcliffe. We urge CHQ readers and friends to call Republican Senators, the toll-free Capitol Switchboard number is (1-866-220-0044). Tell them this is a fight to the death for the future of constitutional government and you want them in it on President Trump’s side.

Media Attempt to School Republicans Is a Disingenuous Fraud

Roger Kimball, American Greatness

The real crisis in America today is the utter politicization of the increasingly distraught legacy media. The election of Donald Trump challenged their cozy understanding of the world, turning it upside down. Adding insult to the injury of that existential assault is the fact that Donald Trump has been wildly, spectacularly successful. He has made America more prosperous, more secure, less harried by bureaucrats, and freer in their ability to practice their religion. What we are witnessing with such gems of hysterical mendacity are the pathetic death throes of a discredited political franchise and its rapidly disintegrating narrative.


The Twitter hashtag #WheresLindsey has had over 100,000 associated tweets, we urge our friends and followers on Twitter tweet this article using that hashtag. In the alternative, the toll-free Capitol Switchboard number is (1-866-220-0044), please call Sen. Graham and urge him to subpoena all the miscreants he has promised to bring before his Committee, but whom he has so far failed to put under oath in front of the American people.

Conservatives Launch Impeachment Ads In Four Democratic House Districts

Club for Growth Action has launched digital advertisements in four key Congressional Districts. The ads will run in CA-45 (Katie Porter), IL-14 (Lauren Underwood), NM-02 (Xochitl Torres Small), and VA-07 (Abigail Spanberger) and ask voters to contact their Representatives in the U.S. House to stop supporting the phony impeachment process and instead start solving problems.

Trump Will Win in 2020 BECAUSE of Impeachment

David Catron, The American Spectator

The 2020 Democratic nominee will be Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, or Bernie Sanders. The 2020 election, like all presidential contests, will involve 51 separate races (50 states, plus D.C.). Few will be decided based on a partisan impeachment process that ends in the acquittal of the President. Nor will a majority of voters in the important swing states be inclined to support a weak candidate nominated by a fragmented party whose only consistent principle is animosity toward Donald Trump. In the end, the choice will be peace and prosperity versus incoherent rage. Trump’s voters will be out in force and will choose the former.

The Trivialization of Impeachment

Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review

Our constitutional system will be damaged because impeachment will be discredited. Its invocation will be even less likely in some grievous future instance, when a presidential abuse of power actually does imperil the nation. We will have a virtually omnipotent president. As a practical matter, there will be no viable congressional check — no impeachment, no power of the purse — to rein the president in. The powers of the competing political branches will be in gross imbalance, making functional separation of powers impossible. As the Framers would tell us, that is not a prescription for the preservation of liberty.

Tell Mitt Romney to Stop Colluding with Democrats!

Romney’s politically motivated attacks on President Trump only serve to embolden the leftist Democrats’ outrageous and illegitimate witch hunt against the President which undermines his pro-growth economic agenda, his non-interventionist foreign policy and his pro-life and pro-family domestic policy.

Vile Democrat Adam Schiff Draws Opponent: California Super Lawyer Eric Early

In launching his campaign Mr. Early said, “Adam Schiff’s witch-hunt against our President is reprehensible. Schiff continually abuses his power and misleads the American people, wasting tens of millions of our dollars in the process. It’s got to stop. I’m sick and tired of being lied to by career politician Schiff as he tries to destroy the President and works to replace our Democracy with Socialism."