Inauguration Day

Trump will break the presidential mold, so always expect the unexpected

Dan Balz, Washington Post

It will be Donald Trump’s presidency, to do with as he sees fit. History and past practice and the burdens that come with the office could begin to change him. But he has given every indication that his will be a presidency unlike any the country has seen in a long time — Trumpian in all respects and therefore unpredictable in approach and outcome.

No, We Are Not Covering Obama’s “Farewell” Speech

Even though on Inauguration Day Obama is taking one last taxpayer-funded ride on Air Force 1, he has made it perfectly clear he’s not going anywhere, and he’s certainly not leaving the Washington stage as other past presidents have done.

Make Inaugurals Dignified Again

Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal

The Trump people would be doing a public service to make it simpler, plainer, more modest, less grand and conceited and dumb. (That would play against type for Mr. Trump, too.) They wouldn’t be banishing joy—some people will have private parties and provide their own hoopla; some will have a good time with friends watching the balls on TV in the bar at the Hilton. You don’t need the whole imperial feel. Make Inaugurals Dignified Again.