Kanye West

Will Kanye Change the Democrat’s Treatment of Black People?

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

Kanye is a family man par excellence, not to mention a man of faith and a creative genius, not to mention his wife, Ms. Kardashian, led the way, with Trump’s support, on prison reform for non-violent offenders, freeing many black people from a life of incarceration. If I were the Democrats, I’d be afraid, I’d be very afraid. I’d be trying to parse the lyrics of his single “Wash Us In The Blood” and his forthcoming album, sure to be another giant hit with the youth of this country. So what’s going on? Is Kanye a stalking horse for Trump? Is he in cahoots? Who knows? Maybe he doesn’t know. Maybe it doesn’t matter.

Can Trump (and Kanye) Vanquish ‘Identity Politics’?

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

“Identity politics” is a cancer on democracy and makes people vote against their own interests as often as not. Ask yourself—who has done more for African-Americans, Donald Trump or the Reverend Al Sharpton? Trump’s numbers among African-Americans are up to a degree never thought possible. Some even approach fifty percent. If Kanye West campaigns with the president this summer, it will be tremendously significant. African-Americans will have to choose—Kanye West or Maxine Waters? I’m betting on Kanye. And I’m betting that would be worth more than a flesh wound to moribund “identity politics,” at least as far as blacks are concerned. It might even be game over.

Don’t Tell Henry Olsen, But He Sounds Like the Republicans of the 1930’s

Washington Post reporter Henry Olsen accuses the authors of the groundbreaking book "Coming Home" of using “cherry-picked evidence” to predict a surge in African American support for President Trump. In fact, he is the one guilty of cherry picking data even slanting the data. Olsen cites unnamed polls that show Trump’s approval rating among African American voters at 13 percent, but does not tell the reader anything about the sample used.

Chris Matthews' Reaction to Kanye West Exposes the Left's Race-Card Hustle

Larry Elder, Investor's Business Daily

Matthews said, in effect, that most white people are not racist, would not vote for a racist and therefore only a brain-dead white politician would run an election catering to racists. Yet virtually every night, he and his guests preach racism, racism, racism in America. To the left, the only acceptable blacks are victicrats who believe racism is the top problem. Never mind the liberals -- like Obama -- who know damn well the top problem is fatherlessness. But Democratic politicians -- like Obama -- also need to keep blacks angry for votes. Quite the Faustian bargain.

Democrats' 'Kanye Derangement Syndrome' Explodes

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

African-Americans are waking up to years of Democratic Party exploitation and being slaves to a virtual one-party system.  This is reflected in the polls, but it is also reflected by the growing abreaction by largely white progressives who are acting out in unprecedented manners. It's  not at all accidental that the unhinged behavior of these progressives, confronting Republicans in restaurants and so forth, is growing at the same time as Kanye is getting huge publicity for his apostasy.

Kanye's Not Alone: Blacks Are Deserting the Dems

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

Bravo, Kanye, for help righting the ship. (Bravo, too, all those truly brilliant black conservatives from Thomas Sowell to Shelby Steele and my friend Larry Elder. There are more. You are true American heroes and the true heirs of Dr. King. You are the best, bar none, of our country.) And bravo, Donald Trump, as well. African-Americans have their lowest unemployment figures in decades. The welfare rolls are down, incomes are up, etc., etc. The times they really are a-changing -- and African-Americans, not surprisingly, get it.

Kanye and Democrats

Walter E. Williams, Townhall

Democrats could never afford for a large number of black people to observe, "We've been putting you in charge of our cities for decades. We even put a black Democrat in the White House. And what has it meant for us? Plus, the president you told us to hate has our unemployment rate near a record low." It turns out that it's black votes that count more to black and white politicians than black well-being, black academic excellence and black lives. As for black politicians and civil rights leaders, if they're going to sell their people down the river to keep Democrats in power, they ought to demand a higher price.

Kudos to Kanye West

Jeffrey Lord, The American Spectator

Kudos to Kanye West for showing up the game here. There in fact was choice involved in slavery — the choice of the slave masters to enforce it and the choice of the American Left and the Democratic Party to make a choice quite publicly to support the slave masters and the segregationists in return for serious political support in electing presidents, senators, congressmen, governors and who-knows how many thousands of state and local officials who supported the Left’s agenda of the moment. It was the most corrupt and openly racist bargain in American history, a horrendous deal-with-the-devil made by… choice.

The Kanye Effect: Trump's Support Among Black Males Doubles

Stephen Kruiser, PJ Media

A new Reuters poll shows that support for President Trump among African-American men "doubled from 11 percent, for the week ending April 22, to 22 percent, for the week ending April 29." Yes, the numbers are small, but doubling up is better than doubling down. What is most remarkable about this "Kanye Effect" is the fact that the left has been working overtime to discredit him for not only speaking against leftist orthodoxy, but remaining unapologetic about it.

Kanye Exposes Liberals and Progressives as the New Reactionaries

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

What Kanye West's saying in his fashion makes simple common sense -- we are all individuals and should be judged accordingly.  We should also have the freedom to act as individuals, not as slaves to some ideology or world view or, worst of all, somebody's idea of political correctness -- or finally as a black man, a yellow man, or any kind of color man.