liberal bias

‘Bout Time: Trump Budget Defunds Corporation For Public Broadcasting

Why should taxpayers, who have to go to the bottom of the dial or the 800s on their cable box to find conservative commentary, gospel music, a show about fishing, or a John Wayne movie be forced to subsidize content that caters to a narrow elite that despises them?

Gloves Off – The Media Is Liberalism’s Achilles Heel

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

We can resist. Let’s start by de-normalizing the mainstream media. Ask people who have newspapers lying around why they let that poisonous mix of lies and propaganda into their homes. Line your birdcage with something besides Time. Refuse to watch libfascist cable shows, and tell sponsors why you won’t buy products that subsidizes liberal lies and manipulation.

The Gray Lady’s Dainty Concerns About Bias

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

Unlike Sean Hannity, who openly discloses his bias, reporters at the New York Times pretend they don’t have one. They see “objectivity” and liberalism as one and the same and thus feel no need to cover the issues dispassionately. What discredited journalism was not the rise of conservative pundits but liberal propagandists who masquerade as reporters.