Biden Boldly Battles...Puffballs From the Press

Tim Graham, CNS News

Everything about the Tuesday press conference with Democrat Joe Biden underlines how the snarling, vicious watchdogs of the Trump administration will transform into cuddly little lapdogs if Biden is elected president. Biden began with a 20-minute speech, and CNN and MSNBC ran the whole speech live. These networks often refuse to air White House press briefings and try not to give free air time to President Donald Trump. The elite media pretend it's preposterous that there's a vast difference between their treatment of Republicans and Democrats. They need to watch this puffball press conference again.

The Democrats’ ‘Bonfire of Inanities’

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

Emotion is now fact. Even worse, emotion has become a guaranteed right. Whatever one feels is correct and justified ,no matter how ignorant or detached from reality or history it may be. Furthermore, any misguided grievance one may have based on that troubled emotion empowers that person with the right to do anything he wants. In this new world, the rights of others be damned. The laws of society vanish in an instant. Justice is a quaint concept for losers. Statues are rightly built to honor them — statues that are only as safe as the next generation’s commitment to stand up and put down the mob.

A Look at CNN'S Joke-Shaming Double Standard

Tim Graham, CNS News

On May 20, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo submitted himself to a coronavirus test on camera. Cuomo's brother Chris joked about it. CNN happily posted the fun on YouTube. An epic series of hypocritical outrages appeared on June 21 and 22 after President Donald Trump made a comment at his Tulsa rally about slowing down coronavirus testing. Surely, most Americans would tell a pollster that both of these routines were distasteful. But CNN only raged about one. Chris Cuomo had a chance to be the Perfect Hypocrite. But he took the night off on Monday. Would anyone guess CNN had the slightest shame or scruple?

The Elites are Revolting

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

This is all part and parcel of a strategy to strip us of any kind of refuge or recourse from abuse. We cannot look to the marketplace of ideas to make our case because our case has been declared verboten. The institutions are arrayed against us. The law means nothing because it will not be enforced neutrally. So why again do we consider ourselves bound by the social contract the establishment has been using like Charmin? Despite it all, we have made progress since the 2016 election – some good judges, no more wars, trade realism with China. But this is intolerable to the leftist Establishment.

Segregation: It’s Bad and It’s Back

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

While the original segregation was an extension of slavery and other evil and horrific traditions, this new segregation comes from a form of tribalism that is almost as noxious and primitive and possibly more enduring. It is an alliance of the black separatists of the Black Lives Matter movement with the social justice warriors of our college campuses that now have infected just about every other aspect of our culture. Segregation is the handmaiden of racism. It makes it go. Keep the races apart and keep them hating each other. “Black power advocates and SJWs together, we have overcome.”

Hiding COVID-19's Origins

Betsy McCaughey, New York Post

China is determined to block investigations of where COVID-19 came from. But worse, influential American scientists are going along with censoring any inquiry. They're declaring their "solidarity with the scientists and health professionals of China." Promising leads need to be investigated further, but instead, they are being denounced as "conspiracy theories." Not just by the Chinese Communist Party, too. What we know is the virus was spreading months before China disclosed it and did not originate in Wuhan, contrary to China's original claim. Now we need to search for the uncensored truth.

This Leftist Tantrum Is an Information Operation and Trump Is Winning It

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Right now, the American people are seeing chaos. But chaos does not necessarily play against Trump. Do you think this is all helping the Dems? If you do, stop watching MSNBCNN. Except among Hollywood jerks, urban hipsters and whiny woke wine women from Westchester, the attack on order means “Advantage: Trump.” You can see the results if you look behind the media curtain. Trump is winning this information battle. Conservative Americans – and moderate Americans who want law and order – can’t wait to vote against defunding the police, rioting and appeasement. The Silent Majority is being roused again.

Trashing Trump in Prime Time

Tim Graham, CNS News

Try to remember a time when ABC offered a prime-time special to an Obama insider who wrote a rip-roaring "tell-all" book. Most publishers are liberals and won't roll out the red carpet for that kind of book, even if the author is a liberal. To be fair, former Obama officials came out with memoirs that said something negative about Obama...and they were attacked for it. There's no need to prejudge what John Bolton will say. But we can judge a long history of "tell-all" imbalance, from the publishing houses to the TV studios. Republicans are mercilessly dissected. Democrats are carefully protected.

The liberal media's deadly art of racial hatred and keeping America divided

Robert Knight, Washington Times

Prejudice doesn’t go away overnight, and black crime fuels it. But it’s wrong and even murderous to stir up racial hatred to keep us divided and deny all the good. Blacks are far likelier to be crime victims, too, which is why the insane demand by Democrats to reduce police budgets or disband police departments (Minneapolis) will leave more law-abiding blacks to the tender mercies of criminals. The overt lie is that BLM is a “civil rights group.” No, it’s not. Funded by the likes of George Soros, BLM promotes a communist, “queer,” anti-Christian and anti-Semitic revolution to transform America.

Remarks by President Trump at the 2020 United States Military Academy at West Point Graduation Ceremony


As long as you remain loyal, faithful, and true, then our enemies don’t even stand a chance, our rights will never be stolen, our freedoms will never be trampled, our destiny will never be denied, and the United States of America will never be defeated.  With the grace of God and the heroes of West Point, America will always prevail. Nothing will stand in your way, nothing will slow you down, and nothing will stop the West Point Class of 2020 from achieving a true and lasting victory. God bless you. God bless the United States Army. And God bless America.  Congratulations. Thank you very much.

Trump and the riot of political plagues

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

Will “defunding” the police bring back the economy? Trust me, governments of every political party will find other ways to throw your tax dollars away. So, what might be the silver bullet? Defund the media. Four years of crazy conspiracy theories about Russia shamelessly peddled by the press in Washington is how we ended up with Mr. Trump’s impeachment trial in the first place. He was, of course, completely exonerated. The media’s performance during the pandemic has been no better. Who should Americans be ignoring during these troubling times? The press or the president? I say, “Defund the media!”

Media's Trump-Bashing Flopped Last Election. Why Would It Work This Time?

Tim Graham, CNS News

Liberals are beginning to swagger around as if the 2020 election is already over. One reason for this arrogance is the absolutely punishing media coverage of Trump. The coronavirus pandemic did what some might have thought was impossible: made Trump coverage even more negative. This sounds a lot like the warp and woof of the 2016 campaign coverage, during which Trump drew the lion's share of media attention. How many Americans has Trump killed? They hope their nightly onslaughts demoralize Trump voters and energize Biden backers. But to many Americans it's badly disguised campaign advertising.

Trump versus all the crazed liberal lies

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

The same people who tell the same lies over and over again eventually lose all credibility. And when those lies become increasingly ridiculous and unhinged from reality, the more quickly they become discounted. Consider just this year. Mr. Trump has resisted an impeachment bid based on lies. He has withstood a global pandemic in which more than 100,000 Americans have died so far. He has overseen the greatest economic collapse in American history. And now, riots in the streets. It is only June. At some point, these liars blaming Mr. Trump says far more about them than it ever will about him.

The Media Suppresses Anyone Who Thinks Like You

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Where is the voice expressing what those of us who aren’t leftist weirdos think? Where’s the guy or gal or gender unspecified otherkin saying, “I want to give more money to the cops, and then have them aggressively confront and arrest criminals and send the people convicted of serious crimes to jail for a long, long time”? That’s what normal people think. That’s what the people you talk to in your daily life outside the corrupted and useless institutions the left has infiltrated think and say. That’s what people who aren’t idiots say. But you never hear that eminently reasonable view in the media.

Cognitive Dissonance in Post-Obama America

Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator

If liberalism means anything in the 21st century, it means a profound belief that America is an irredeemably racist country. Racism is an all-powerful evil in our country, according to liberals, who believe that (a) every problem afflicting the black community is caused by racism, and (b) the GOP is the political manifestation of this evil. To vote Republican is to vote for racism, according to liberals, and therefore all 63 million Americans who voted to elect Trump president are guilty of racism. Defending that belief is what the past two weeks of #BlackLivesMatter madness has really been about.

More Than Ever, It’s Time to Unleash the Power of 'No'

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

It’s time to push back on these punks. They leverage our natural politeness and tendency to try to avoid conflict to take advantage and seize the high ground. Refuse to play along. They leave you spinning your wheels by drawing you into trying to reason with them when reasoning is beside the point. You do not owe them a debate. Mock them instead, and stubbornly defy their commands. A strategic information operation like the one designed to control the acceptable (Read “Leftist-friendly”) scope of thought and speech in society can only work with your complicity. It fails completely when you refuse to play along.

Welcome to Maoist America

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

This American cultural revolution began decades ago on our campuses and in our media. Now it is taking over our streets. Viewpoint diversity is a thing of the past with faculty meetings morphing into our own versions of Maoist “struggle sessions,” teachers and professors first shutting their mouths if they disagree, then exercising what amounts to “self-criticism” to save their jobs or just to gain some peace. Students have gotten the message, writing their papers and editing their classroom speech in a manner not to offend the politically correct faculty, administration, and fellow students that surround them.

Yesterday The S&P 500 Erased Its Losses For 2020 – Liberals Puzzled

The economy and the stock market have come roaring back because the government is getting out of the way – ending lockdowns and promising more deregulation. As obvious as this is, it apparently surprised Democrats, such as New York Times columnist Paul Krugman and Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden. Plus, good news for America, especially good economic news, is bad news for Democrats, so the media continues to downplay the good news.

After More Than 2,000 Minutes of Coverage...Russiagate Conveniently Vanishes

Tim Graham, CNS News

The ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts devoted 2,202 minutes of coverage to the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theory from Jan. 21, 2017 to Feb. 10, 2019. When the Senate Intelligence Committee announced on Feb. 12, 2019 that there was no collusion? There was zero coverage on ABC, CBS and NBC. The short answer for that? Politics. A politicized "air of criminality" still wafts over President Trump's administration, thanks to the "objective" media. But they offer no apologies, no retractions, no admissions of fault on the overall Russia mess. Their drumbeat of collusion "news" turned out to be..."fake news."

This Is What Social Justice Looks Like

Daniel J. Flynn, The American Spectator

Socialism saw its representation in the sickle and hammer. Social, when used as a noun, serves as one of the most pleasant words in the English language. Think: the ice-cream social. When used as an adjective, critics say it can turn a fine profession into a despised one (social engineering), the best subject (history) in school into the worst one (social studies), a phrase, as R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. points out, into an oxymoron (social distancing), and a solid noun into mush (social justice). That’s why this weekend served as a prolonged teachable moment. Americans finally saw with their own eyes what social justice looks like.