Michael Flynn

Investigations and Immunity

Michael Ledeen, Forbes

Throughout those years, journalists wrote completely false stories about my presumed malefactions.  People whose names regularly appear in the current “scandals” tell me they are astonished at how many stories are total inventions.  I’m not at all surprised, it’s normal in such cases. Bottom line: don’t draw hasty conclusions about scandal targets’ proper and prudent efforts to defend themselves.  We will likely learn the truth, and that will be time enough to draw conclusions.

With Flynn Out Islamist Sympathizers In At Trump White House?

Mike Flynn was clear-eyed about the threat Islam poses to constitutional liberty and America’s Judeo-Christian culture. Whoever conned President Trump into saying that he thought Islam has been “kidnapped by radical groups” did so by failing to tell him that he was meeting with a representative of one of the chief kidnappers – the Wahhabis of the Saudi royal family.

The Flynn Assassination

Michael Ledeen, Forbes

President Trump should expect ongoing attacks against himself and his team.  His enemies, inside and outside the system, have been encouraged to up the ante.  Yes, the new security advisor is a terrific man, but the political risk of Trump’s cabinet is far greater than it was a couple of weeks ago.

Why Was the FBI Investigating General Flynn?

Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review

There appears to have been no foreign-intelligence or criminal-investigative purpose served by the FBI’s interrogation of General Flynn. It is easy to see why Democrats would want to portray Flynn’s contact with the Russian ambassador as worthy of an FBI investigation. But why did the FBI and the Justice Department investigate Flynn — and why did “officials” make sure the press found out about it?

Make The Flynn Tape Public

Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review

What have you got to lose? If it corroborates Flynn’s version of events, the public will understand that nothing of consequence happened in the conversation. If Flynn is misreporting it, it will support the White House story that the general is an unreliable source of information who was unsuited to a top advisory post. But the contents of the conversation are going to be public at some point anyway, so now is the time to be transparent rather than guilty-looking.

Americans Are In The Dark About The Greatest Threats To Their Country

No other nation today poses a greater danger to American national security than China, a state engaged in an unprecedented campaign of information warfare using both massive cyberattacks and influence operations aimed at diminishing what Beijing regards as its most important strategic enemy – the United States of America.

Today Turkey is More Foe than Friend of America

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's government has accommodated the Islamic State, allowing passage of men and materiel into Syria and facilitated the sale of oil seized by the violent jihadists. Turkey increasingly thwarts U.S. policy in the Middle East.

Will Trump’s Defense Picks Back-Up Trump’s Anti-War Policies?

To find senior defense and national security officials who share his views, President-elect Trump may have to look beyond the obvious choices who, though undoubtedly talented, have a long association with the failed policies he has promised to rethink.