Muslim ban

Trump's Temporary Muslim Ban Shows He's Serious about Defeating Radical Islam

Ying Ma, The National Interest

Instead of reiterating by rote that Islam is a religion of peace, as Washington politicians do, Trump is raising tough questions about why numerous Islamic governments and Muslim believers are decidedly not peaceful. Thus far, Trump haters have made no honest attempt to offer viable answers.

Trump Now Saying Banning Muslims Was ‘Just a suggestion’

Brandon Morse, RedState

Those who supported Trump for his hard stances must now live with the fact that “hard stance” does not mean the same thing to Trump as it does to anyone else. Regardless, this will likely be written off as Trump playing politics until he can assume power and come through with every promise that ever left his lips.

Was Banning Muslim Immigration Just Another Trump Con?

We’d like to think that Donald Trump will eventually earn our vote by committing to conservative positions and policies and campaigning as a conservative, but now that he's backing off his call for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our representatives can figure out what the hell is going on” what sounded to us like sensible policy is looking like just another political con.

In state after state, strong GOP support for Trump's Muslim proposal

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Trump has moved the Republican debate on all sorts of subjects — trade, immigration, entitlements and more. In the case of temporarily banning foreign Muslims, Trump created an issue out of whole cloth, stuck to it through an enormous controversy, and, with voter approval, appears to have come out ahead in the Republican race.

Trump is (Mostly) Right, Bush and Ryan Wrong on Muslim Immigration

The problem for Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush and others is they don’t want to do the work necessary to investigate the threat to constitutional government posed by Muslims because they already know what it would reveal. It would reveal that hundreds of thousands of recent Muslim immigrants and millions of U.S. Muslims are indeed a security threat, because they agree with San Bernardino Muslim jihadi terrorist Syed Farook that Islam will rule the world, and that Shariah, not the Constitution, is the supreme law by which all in America should live.