Neil Gorsuch

Judge Gorsuch and the corpse flower

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

Like the bloom of the "corpse" flower, every few years, Congress convenes to confirm a nominee to the Supreme Court and, watch out, here come the flies. This year’s picnic feast will be Neil Gorsuch, a highly respected appeals court judge nominated by President Trump to replace the late legal titan Justice Antonin Scalia.. Break out the smelling salts. It’s gonna be a long, putrid week along the Potomac River.

Chuck Schumer Knows His Attack on Neil Gorsuch Is a Fraud

Ian Tuttle, National Review

Legislators and governors and presidents have agendas. Supreme Court justices have the Constitution and the statutes passed by Congress, which they are to consider impartially, without fretting about the “negative real-life implications for working Americans.” Senator Schumer doesn’t want a judge who will read and apply the law dispassionately. He wants an activist in a robe.

FedUp PAC Poll: Trump Speech a Home Run with Conservatives

Conservatives are impressed and encouraged by President Trump’s first speech to Congress, according to a poll by FedUp PAC. President Trump’s speech addressed the priority issues for conservatives, with 92% saying that the President covered issues very important to them.