Neil Gorsuch

100 Days of Trump: Can Trump make America great again without great personnel?

Does President Trump owe it to the American people to hire adequate staff? Plus, Trump spreads the truth on the realities of illegal immigrant crime and culture, and, Media says Trump’s political operation is slow to emerge, but does he really need it?

FedUp PAC Poll: Trump Speech a Home Run with Conservatives

Conservatives are impressed and encouraged by President Trump’s first speech to Congress, according to a poll by FedUp PAC. President Trump’s speech addressed the priority issues for conservatives, with 92% saying that the President covered issues very important to them.

Judge Gorsuch on Supreme Court by Easter?

Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner

Gorsuch's hearings have been set to begin March 20. The plan is for the nomination to be submitted to the full Senate in early April where it appears likely that he will surpass the needed 60 votes to avoid a parliamentary maneuver to get him to the court. Insiders said the goal is a vote before the Easter recess which begins on April 7, two days before Palm Sunday.