Never Trump

Ignore The Never Trump Losers Who Are OK With Liberals Winning

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Never Trumpers are no threat to the elite because, at their hollow core, they support the existing power structure. That’s why they are so blind to the manifest corruption of the institutions that they are a part of and are therefore invested in. That’s why these saps were so easily suckered by the RUSSIA TREASON COLLUSION!!!! scam. And that’s why Trump and those of us who support him terrify them – because, unlike the Conservative, Inc., cabal, we have nothing to lose if the whole teetering edifice of our crummy ruling class collapses under the sheer weight of its lies and incompetence.

What Do The Never Trump Losers Do Now?

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

There are secret Never Trumpers hoping to wait out this madness, counting the days until some squishy Jeb!-ish nominee named something like Marco will usher in a bright and beautiful new era of efficiently managed decline. So we must remain vigilant. We must strike ruthlessly when we detect these weak and defeatist tendencies in our conservative leaders, both inside politics and in the conservative media. Never Trump is really Never Win. To the extent that “Trumpism” means fighting for victory, being woke to the fact that the establishment is garbage, and not giving a damn what our much-worse betters think, we must be Always Trump.

No Collusion: Omidyar-Backed NeverTrumpers Hardest Hit

Julie Kelly, American Greatness

Pierre Omidyar, the billionaire founder of eBay, is a leftist and supports many policies hostile to conservatives, including open borders, abortion, universal voting rights, and climate change. Omidyar’s reach also extends to left-leaning think tanks, media outlets and policy groups. But his craftiest move was to enlist gullible, if not dishonest, mouthpieces in the NeverTrump movement to bolster the special counsel, admonish Americans that doomsday was coming, and help do inestimable damage to the country in the process. Their reputations deserve to suffer.

Why Never Trumpers Will Never Shut Up

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Today’s Never Trump is a tiny group of greedy misfits whose gravy train got derailed – they would put it “an elite group of select individuals of discerning taste” – but we actual conservatives do spend a lot of time on manhandling them. They cite that as evidence of their lasting influence, but it’s actually the result of two other factors. The first is human nature – people hate traitors. The other reason is that the Never Trumpers have a media presence utterly out of proportion to their dwindling numbers and influence.

The 'Never Trump' Construct

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

The administrative state expands, the debt is headed for $21 trillion, crass identity politics tear the nation apart, the effort to restore deterrence abroad grows ever more dangerous, and the campuses, Hollywood, the NFL, and the media are reminding us that progressive politics are now our culture’s orthodoxy, vital for success in nearly all fields. And dealing with all that is the only conservative fight that counts.