NFL protests

Kneeling NFL players will help Republicans in November

Ed Rogers, Washington Post

The Democrats’ hopes for a “blue wave” this November might rest on how they maneuver through social issues that divide the parties. This issue is beyond the control of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats who want to keep the elections focused elsewhere. When asked specifically about the NFL’s new anthem policy, Pelosi punted as she responded: “I love the national anthem. I love the flag. And I love the First Amendment, and I’ll just leave it at that.” In the coming weeks, Republicans will hold the Democrats’ feet to the fire.

'Raising Awareness' Isn't Helping Much

Ben Shapiro, CNS News

Here's an idea: Let's all call out bad action when we see it and be as specific as possible about it. We can all agree on what a bad guy looks like; there isn't much debate about Harvey Weinstein. But if we continue to promote the importance of "raising awareness" rather than providing evidence, our groundless distrust for one another is bound to grow and metastasize.

NFL missed golden opportunity

Cheryl K. Chumley, Washington Times

Fans deserve more than political shows and incompetent league leaders. They deserve what they pay for — a football game. And it won’t be long before the boycotts will have their dramatic effects, the advertisers will abandon in droves and soon enough, the only ones left watching professional football will be the politicians and special interests who use race and social justice for personal gain. But at least there will be dancing in the end zone. There is that.

Advice for NFL Team Owners, Players and Fans on Anthem Protests: The Solution Is Simple …

Mark Fitzgibbons, CNS News

During the next offseason, every NFL team owner and player should spend a week riding on patrol with police officers. That may give them a better perspective of injustices prevented. NFL team owners and players have the ability to save their sport from ignominy and contempt, and simultaneously demonstrate respect for conscience and dissent protected by our unifying, commonly shared American values.

Blame the NFL, Not Trump

Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review

The NFL well knew what the kneeling protest was about. It was a claim that police were hunting down black men and other people of color. As we’ve seen, Colin Kaepernick could not have been clearer about that. That same year, after five Dallas cops were slain by a sniper, the Dallas Cowboys requested permission to wear small “Arm in Arm” decals on their helmets, in honor of police killed while serving and protecting their community. The NFL said no, that message would not be permitted.

Green Bay Packers Asked Fans To Link Arms During National Anthem. Most Refused

Joy Pullmann, The Federalist

Aaron Rodgers seemed bewildered by the fan response. Didn’t fans get that this was “an invitation to show unity in the face of some divisiveness from the top in this country”? Maybe they see the source of division as from a different elite than Rodgers does. Regardless of what the Packers and other teams say they mean with the national anthem protests, the message many fans are getting is anti-Americanism.

Trump vs. the NFL

L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham, CNS News

The liberal media are shameless hypocrites when they polarize the country and then complain the country is polarized. They have honored Kaepernick as some kind of "star-spangled" patriot and pushed his radical racial agenda. They have pressured the NFL and every other televised sports league to take liberal stands on everything from race to gun control to imposing transgender bathrooms.

Kneeling for a Self-Deceiving Lie

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

They're all participating in a pathetic charade, pretending (or convincing themselves) the police are the problem in black communities.  The police aren't the ones shooting each other in Chicago and Baltimore. They're the ones trying to stop that from happening. This is so obvious that it's not even the elephant in the room. It's the brontosaurus in the room.

The Patriots vs. The Nihilists

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

It is precisely Trump’s refusal to cooperate with the ruling class in the destruction of the country that makes him the first consequential Republican president since Reagan. The shame of division falls not on him but on all those supposed “authority figures” who authorize once-unthinkable behavior. They divide the country at its deepest level — from the traditions that enable it to survive.

Blowback Begins Against NFL #TakeTheKnee

A Denver car dealership founded by military hero Phil Long has pulled ads featuring Broncos player Von Miller who, along with many other members of the team, took a knee during the national anthem before Sunday's loss to Seattle.

Whose Side Are You On, President Trump’s Or The NFL’s?

Rooting for one NFL team to beat another is like rooting for MSNBC to beat CNN – it’s not about sports – it is merely two giant corporations, mired in political correctness, battling to win the ratings game on TV. What do you think? Tell us by clicking this link to take our NFL vs Trump poll.