North Carolina bathroom law

NC GOP Issues A Bold Response To The NCAA’s Totalitarianism

Susan Wright, RedState

This is how the left is working to subvert our culture and our very sense of decency: They are going after our youth, and in this case, punishing them to force compliance on a greater scale to their particular worldview. This fight is just beginning.

Ladies, Keeping Men Out of Your Bathroom is Jim Crow Style Discrimination

Erick Erickson, The Resurgent

Conservatives never wanted to fight about bathrooms. The left has demanded it. And in so doing, the left is declaring common sense is akin to Jim Crow.

Obama provoked the legal war against North Carolina

David French, National Review

A public-relations battle over bathrooms and showers has transformed into a fight over the meaning and indeed authority of the Constitution itself. In its zeal to advance the sexual revolution, the Obama administration has defied the will of Congress, unilaterally rewritten federal law without even bothering to go through a statutory rulemaking process, and now seeks to bring a sovereign state to heel through a combination of threats and lawsuits.

NC Governor Pat McCrory Responds to Justice Department Threats

Susan Wright, RedState

One of the stalwart warriors of the right is North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory. He continues to battle the gay mafia, media and entertainment bullies, and extortion attempts by the morally corrupt Obama administration.

The Left’s Bizarre New Cause: Gender “Fluidity”

The Obama Department of Justice has announced that North Carolina’s new law that protects women and children from potential sexual predators in public rest rooms violates the civil rights of “gender fluid” individuals.

When crazy takes to the streets

Erick Erickson, The Resurgent

University academics and leftwing psychologists are investing in this new order. They are marching in the streets in the name of tolerance while using tolerance as a club to beat down common sense. The people who love science and have embraced science as their god are rejecting basic biology.

Cruz Attacks Trump On Caving To Political Correctness

Brandon Morse, RedState

That Cruz has now positioned himself as the resistance to this PC push for open bathrooms puts Donald in something of an interesting position, and one he hasn’t found himself on since this election began. Likely, Trump will “clarify” what he meant by completely flip-flopping as usual.

Has Donald Trump Read The Republican Platform?

On day one of his campaign Donald Trump sounded like a candidate who wanted to reconstitute the Reagan's “three-legged stool” based on “fiscal, social and sovereignty issues.” However, since those first heady weeks almost everything Trump has said has taken him further and further from those early commitments, especially on the social and cultural issues.