Trump uniquely suited to this American moment

Ben Carson, The Hill

Trump’s outright repudiation of both the Democrat and Republican establishments show him to a be a man who cannot be easily bought by the special interests controlling the major political parties.

Donald Trump proves it’s time for an outsider

Senator David Perdue, Washington Post

While unpredictability shakes those conditioned to protect their own power, anyone who still has doubts about Mr. Trump should stop agonizing for a minute, take a deep breath, and at least contemplate the value of having such a unique asset at the top of our ticket.

Establishment threatens to bail if an “outsider” wins nomination

Ben Shapiro, Breitbart

It wouldn’t matter at all whether Trump were the establishment’s enemy or whether it was Senator Sen. Ted Cruz, currently the second-place finisher in national polls. So long as the frontrunner remains an outsider, the establishment will use all of its power to stop them, including the threat of a third-party run.