Portland’s Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler Is A Worm

For the better part of four years, rather than protect the citizens of the city he was elected to administer, Portland's Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler has hamstrung the police and done his best to prohibit any law enforcement activity in the city center and downtown parks. Even after years of coddling left-wing extremists, Wheeler could control Portland’s streets if he had the will, but because he is a spineless worm the riots and revolution in Portland will continue. It's time to federalize the fight for law and order in Portland.

Facts emerging on Jacob Blake shooting contradict the narrative that sparked riots

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker

We can now add the riots in Kenosha and beyond to the list of race riots sparked by assumptions of police behavior contradicted by the facts. As with George Floyd, the impressions created by the first videos released to the public were misleading and highly inflammatory. In considering the facts, ask yourself what you would do if you were charged with the task that faced the Kenosha police officers. What should the officers have done, confronted with Blake, armed with a deadly weapon and attempting to drive away the vehicle with three young children in it?

Democrats blame out-of-state guns for Chicago's carnage, not gun control or anti-police policies

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

What is undeniable to everyone, apparently except Democratic Party leadership, is the incendiary rhetoric condemning the police, and law enforcement in general, is fueling the willingness of marginal anarchist and Marxist groups to engage in violent mob action in urban areas run by Democrats. Why? The mob feels safer in blue cities. It is the literal and figurative taking of a knee in front of the mob by Democrats signaling to the malevolent that now is the time to cause mayhem and destruction. No wonder Democrats and the left never take responsibility for their policies that continue to destroy cities and lives.

Dumb And Corrupt Cops Risk Losing Our Support

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

We support the police; the police need to police their own to ensure they support us. In an era where Democrats increasingly attempt to leverage the power of government against their political enemies, this kind of passive acquiescence to manifest injustices is a real threat to the viability of this nation as a free country. Can anyone really calculate the damage the FBI and DoJ’s schemes and crimes have done to their reputations? And now local law enforcement is trashing its own rep with stupid antics designed to bully normal citizens. What happens if the politicians tell them to shoot anyone who resists?

Remembering Some Forgotten Lessons Of 9/11

In today’s “woke” political climate cops are now the enemies, politicians who hate those they aspire to govern are heroes and Muslims who despise America are media darlings. That means it is up to us to make sure the most important lessons of 9/11 have not been forgotten.

What’s The Goal Of New York’s Muslim Community Patrol?

Brooklyn's Muslim Community Patrol is using the same tactics used by Communist and Islamist revolutionaries everywhere: Gain legitimacy by subverting social and political institutions and taking ownership of civic responsibilities where the city lacks the resources or social capital to respond adequately.

Enough's Enough

Walter E. Williams, CNS News

The only people who can fix the black community's problems are black people themselves. Black athletes could be far more productive by going to schools and community centers to encourage constructive behavior and shaming self-destructive behavior. Support should be given to police to stop criminals from preying on communities. Nongovernmental local groups should be encouraged to play greater roles. If we wait for Washington to solve our problems, we'll be waiting for a long time.

The Police Were Not Policed

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

For some reason, many still in the current FBI, CIA, DOJ, NSC, and State Deprtment are incapable of accepting that their agencies in the Obama years were weaponized to alter a U.S. election and were directed to do so by many top dogs in their Washington hierarchies. Until we get the truth, an accounting, and some sort of justice, we will not quite become galvanized by those who rightly warn us of real Russian interference. The police were not policed — and so became like the enemies they warned us about.

Kneeling for a Self-Deceiving Lie

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

They're all participating in a pathetic charade, pretending (or convincing themselves) the police are the problem in black communities.  The police aren't the ones shooting each other in Chicago and Baltimore. They're the ones trying to stop that from happening. This is so obvious that it's not even the elephant in the room. It's the brontosaurus in the room.

How And Why Virginia’s Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe Killed Three People In Charlottesville

This was a riot that was meticulously created by Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe. It had nothing to do with public safety and everything to do with advancing the identity politics that are the foundation of the modern Democratic Party.

Is Your Dog 'Contraband'?

Mark J. Fitzgibbons, American Thinker

American police are under dangerous and disgraceful assault by radical leftwing anarchy forces. Police assassins and lawsuits have created an atmosphere of fear and intimidation about doing police work in communities. This is not only dangerous for the police who risks their lives on a daily basis to protect us, it weakens our safety; it is contemptuous of their families. America may have the worst ruling class in its history, and Donald Trump knows that. Our police need support, and not judicial decisions or political policies that raise the temperature among ordinary citizens.

Censored: Planned Parenthood Activists Clash with Police at #ProtestPP March

ABC and CBS, NBC would like you to believe there is some sort of moral equivalence between pro-life #ProtestPP and the vile conduct of Planned Parenthood supporters and so they didn't even hint at the conflict between police and Planned Parenthood supporters, but you can see it for yourself in the MRC's must see video.

Does Your Congressman Think Police Officers Are Pigs?

Pushing the false narrative that the shooting of Michael Brown by Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson was unjustified isn’t art, it’s Far Left propaganda that has no place in the US Capitol.

Want To Stand With Our Police?

This anti-police rhetoric sweeping the country has turned out some hateful things inside of people that are now playing themselves out on the American police officer. If you want to help push-back against the anti-police rhetoric our friends at Secure America Now want your help.

Hillary Clinton Just Said The Entire Country Suffers From Implicit Racial Bias

Jonah Bennett, Daily Caller

During the debate on policing, the right policy measures to implement in order to reduce crime and how to improve race relations in the country, Clinton said the entire country — not just the police — suffers from implicit racial bias. “Lester, I think implicit bias is a problem for everyone, not just police,” Clinton said.

The Black Body Count Rises as Chicago Police Step Back

Heather Mac Donald, Wall Street Journal

Chicago is the country’s most-glaring example of what I have called the “Ferguson effect.” Chicago officers have cut back drastically on proactive policing under the onslaught of criticism from the Black Lives Matter movement and its political and media enablers.

As Police Officers Are Hunted, One Touching Moment At The RNC Gives Us Hope

Brandon Morse, RedState

A few young black people decided to pray over an officer before the convention started, asking God for protection and helping us to love each other. When the prayer was done, one of the young men said "God bless you, bro." Noticing the police officer was tearing up, the young man said "nah, don't cry" as the prayer group hugged the officer in turn.

Hillary's Cop-Bashing Past and Present

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

Hillary doesn’t want to “reform” police departments but castrate them. Her cop-bashing these days is more circumspect and subdued than it was in the 1970s, but it is no less ideologically crass. She is no longer romanticizing the Black Panthers, but she is romanticizing their heirs.

Arlington Muslim Town Hall Meeting Bashes GOP Presidential Candidates

A representative from “Veterans Challenging Islamophobia” pitched his group and proudly declared that they are “disrupting presidential campaigns.”   And even Eric Brescia, Policy Director of the Arlington County Republican Committee, attacked Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in his presentation.

Homegrown Nuclear Terrorism in Belgium Proves Cruz Right

Ted Cruz was exactly right when he said that in addition to stopping the new flow of Islamic immigrants to the U.S., we must “patrol and secure” Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized. We urge you to contact your Representative (the Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) to demand that the House take up “The Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act" authored by Senator Ted Cruz and Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart.