pornography in high school education

Common Core: Indoctrination, Pornography , Thought Control

Celeste Busby, Virginia Free Citizen

There is research out there that disputes the value of Common Core instruction, and for that matter, the education methods of the past several decades. It’s time to get informed, meet with other parents and educators and make the decisions that are best for our children.

Dad Arrested for Protesting Sex Book

Jerome R. Corsi, WND

William Baer, whose ninth-grade daughter was assigned the book “Nineteen Minutes,” was arrested at a NH school board meeting after he protested the district’s failure to notify parents that the book contained graphic descriptions of “rough sex” between teens.

Stop the Common Core Porn and F-Bombs in Your School

The only way to stop Common Core is to do what Becky Garritson did; shine the light of public scrutiny on how far Common Core content deviates from the standards of your community. You can start today by signing our petition “No Common Core F-Bombs, No Common Core Pornography In Our Schools!” (Warning: includes graphic Common Core content considered appropriate for your 11th grade child.)