Failed Never Trump Pundits Don't Speak for You, But MSM Can't Get Enough of Them

Larry O'Connor, Townhall

We are not obsessed with you. We resent your continued prominent position that you did not earn through accuracy or hard work. You continue to have a place at the table for one reason and one reason only: You satisfy the needs of left-leaning networks to further distort the center-right perspective in American politics and to give the false impression that the president faces serious opposition from fellow Republicans. We were right. You were wrong. We are still right. You are on the verge of voting for a Marxist. You aren't serious, yet you're taken seriously by the gate-keepers of American media. And you act like you earned that place. As if you deserve it. That sucks... and, yes, we resent it.

2020: We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator

Having lost any ability to influence Republicans, the Never Trump crowd has now begun offering advice to Democrats, and it’s tempting to hope Democrats will listen to these “experts.” More than eight months remain until Election Day, and a lot can happen in that time. The most likely outcome, by historical standards, is that Trump will be reelected. His administration has been successful in many ways, particularly in terms of economics. Unless there’s another 2008-sized financial collapse between now and Election Day, Trump’s economic record is a powerful argument for a second term. We don’t know what we don’t know, and the political “experts” really don’t know much more than the rest of us.

Is the Fed Meddling in Our Elections?

The Federal Reserve isn’t the only Deep State institution that would like to affect the 2020 election in opposition to President Trump – Silicon Valley comes quickly to mind as an equally malign influence – however, as our friend Dr. Ron Paul observed in a recent  column, they are not a state within a state in the same way that the Federal Reserve is.

Media Talking The Economy Into A Recession To Defeat Trump

From our perspective we think Ainsley Earhardt of Fox and Friends had it right when she laid the blame for the growing talk of an economic recession on the media's attitude against Trump. “They do not want him to win again and they don’t like that the economy is doing well, apparently," said Ms. Earhardt.

It’s Against The Rules To Criticize Liberals

According to liberals, Donald Trump has coarsened politics by hitting back and standing up for himself and his ideas, instead of stoically taking the pummeling they dish out. Now that Trump has announced there are new rules to the game and he is going to hit back, there’s no end to the Liberal wailing.

Donald is winning because official Washinton is losing

R. Emmett Tyrell, Jr., The American Spectator

For September Donald gave his audience quite enough. There are two more debates for him to outline the full case against Hillary. As for Hillary she has made her case. She has more experience governing than Donald. Another way of putting it is she is part of the problem. America is, as the pollsters say, on the wrong track.

Roger Stone Gets It Right: Calls Out Fake Political “Strategists”

We find it someplace between amusing and appalling that the establishment media is apparently all too ready to blackball a real political strategist like Roger Stone, while it regularly appoints trolls like Rick Wilson and no-talents like Ana Navarro and Roland Martin as political “strategists,” when their qualifications to the title rest not on a long series of successful campaigns like Stone, but on their ability to pick a well-connected TV booking agent.

Dear Conservatives: Stop Trying To Promote Teenage Pundit Superstars

Scott Greer, Daily Caller

Teens are of course entitled to have opinions and voice them if they’re so moved to do so. What’s not right is for grown adults to pretend that their opinions should be considered the work of a leading pundit. Or even worse, try to make money off that young person’s profile.

Who, Aside From Obama, Was the Biggest Loser of 2013?

We think the most interesting year-end political question is not who the biggest loser is, but who, aside from Obama, is the biggest loser of 2013? Here are our nominees. Please let us know what you think or add yours in the comments section, and don't forget to take our "biggest loser of 2013" poll, we will report the results in the New Year's Eve edition of CHQ.