The Wrong Response to Ferguson, Missouri

Richard Nixon's "law and order" campaign is in no way a principled conservative response to the killing of Michael Brown and the riots in Ferguson, Missouri.

Rangel: ‘Hard to Distinguish’ Between Tea Party, Racist Dixiecrats

Josh Feldman, Mediaite

Charlie Rangel talked about the anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, and argued that modern-day tea partiers speaking out against Obama have rather a lot in common with the Dixiecrats back in the '60's who were very outspoken in their opposition to civil rights.

Thoughts on Donald Sterling: In America, Jerks Have Rights Too

After NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced he was banning LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life for making racially charged remarks, Sterling said he’s not selling the team. In a free society, jerks have rights too and the free market has a way of dealing with situations like Sterling's offensive racist remarks.

Radical Left Rewrites the History of Civil Rights

Richard Winchester, American Thinker

Why are Republicans so disinclined to respond forcefully to charges of racism?

DCCC Chair: Not All Repubs. Are Racist

John Hayward, Human Events

“Not all of them, no, of course not.  But to a significant extent, the Republican base does have elements that are animated by racism, and that’s unfortunate.”

Dem Rep.: Tea Party are ‘Racists’ from ‘Slave-Holding States’

Becket Adams, The Blaze

Liberal Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) explained this week why President Barack Obama has not been able to work with the Tea Party members of Congress: They’re “mean” and “racist.”

Close Down the Dem. Minstrel Show on Immigration

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

The GOP has for years been in a quandary about how to address the issue of illegal immigration honestly and firmly without sounding racist. A good place to start would be to knock off the brown-face minstrel show routine they learned from Dems.

Palin to Obama: Stop Using Race Card

Lucy McCalmont, Politico

On Martin Luther King Day, Sarah Palin wrote in a Facebook post asking Obama not to play the race card anymore. “Mr. President, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. and all who commit to ending any racial divide, no more playing the race card.

Obama Blames Racism on Low Approval

Ed Morrissey, Hot Air

Blaming his sudden drop in popularity after years of inflated approvals despite the performance of his administration is a demagogic dodge. Obama’s low approval is a direct result of his performance.

Jackson: PhilR Worse Than Rosa Parks' Bus Driver

Ian Swanson, The Hill

Jesse Jackson Sr. said that Phil Robertson’s words were worse than the bus driver’s actions when he ordered Rosa Parks to give up her seat to a white person.

The Stark Contrast Between Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela

Conservative writer Ben Hart says he truly loved Nelson Mandela. Even though Mandela was a socialist, Hart puts him on the level of Mother Teresa and George Washington in terms of being a true force for good in the world. Contrast that with Barack Obama. Read Hart's take on Mandela and comment inside.

Reagan: ‘The Butler’ Distorts, Lies

James Arkin, Politico

Michael Reagan says the glossy Hollywood production unfairly depicts his father as a racist.