Don't Expect Losers of Shutdown to Sit Idly by Forever

Jay Cost, RealClearPolitics

This quarantine has been an incredibly destructive policy, and the harms have not been distributed evenly across the U.S. Some people are suffering much, much more than others. It is a testament to the American spirit that so many have endured this hardship for so long -- a tribute to our people’s commitment to the good of all. But these protests are an indication that this kind of fellow-feeling only goes so far. Absent a draconian police state or a massive system of bribery and patronage, respect for the law is ultimately premised on the belief that the law is good. If enough people conclude that these laws are ruining them, look out.

The Conservative Coward Caucus Betrayed Trump on the Shutdown

Brandon J. Weichert, The American Spectator

One thing is certain: Trump’s greatest political threat comes not from the crazies on the Left. Unfortunately, his greatest rivals are within the Republican Party’s leadership. It’s important to remember that President Ronald Reagan faced a similar situation. Going forward, Trump must do something bold to make the GOP establishment understand that he is the party’s true leader. Up next, then, Trump should call for the biggest infrastructure bill the country has seen — and he should work with Democrats to ensure that it happens, even as the Conservative Coward Caucus whinges about how awful having modern infrastructure would be for the country.

McConnell tries to lower GOP expectations on spending

Alexander Bolton, The Hill

So much for controlling the power of the purse: McConnell warned his GOP colleagues that they are almost certainly going to have to accept spending levels above those in the 2011 Budget Control Act that introduced the sequester, the series of automatic cuts and ceilings meant to restrain federal spending.