Stormy Daniels

The IG Report: Obama Knew

After reading the Inspector General's report it is clear to us that many of the contortions the FBI and Department of Justice went through weren’t to protect Hillary Clinton, they were to protect Obama from being exposed as a liar and an accessory in Hillary Clinton’s misdeeds.

The Last Straw: Tone Deaf Rod Rosenstein Should Be Fired

We’ve said many times that we think Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein should be fired, but his latest round of tone deaf pronouncements ought to be the final straw for the President and Attorney General.

The Blessed Virgin Stormy Daniels?

L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham, CNS News

It's one thing for liberal journalists to revel in the contradictions of a president dealing with the scandal of paying a porn star hush money at the same time he promotes religious freedom and the National Day of Prayer at the White House. It's another thing for the media to pretend they are somehow treading on the moral high ground next to the porn star/Resistance heroine as they peer down at the Trump team, endlessly proclaiming it might be "imploding in real time" and wishing it would.

‘Slimeball’ versus Stormy Daniels

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

In the end, Jim “Lyin’ Leakin’ Nasty Giraffe” Comey — code-named “Slimeball” — is nothing more than a stripper without a pole. He is a porn star, minus the talent or the looks. I really do hate to denigrate strippers and porn stars by comparing any of them to Jim Comey. But there really is no other way to describe the political peep show going on in America right now.

Rod Rosenstein’s Coup Against President Trump

A real constitutional crisis is in the making, and it has nothing to do with the fantasy that Trump colluded with the Russians. It is time for Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein to be fired and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s fishing expedition to end and constitutional order to be restored.

All flash and no flesh: The Stormy Show

Wesley Pruden, Washington Times

Miss Stormy has offered no evidence that any of this actually happened, though her lawyer offered a photograph of a DVD, which might be evidence, or it might be a Woody Allen DVD from Netflix. Her lawyer suggests there’s more to come, and who can doubt it? But Stormy, like all celebrities, only has 15 minutes. There’s always more to come from this White House, so she better hurry.

Next up (The Swamp hopes): The really truly final end of Trump

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

Frustrated, exhausted and completely out of ideas, the Grand Cyclops of the Washington Swamp has finally resorted to the only thing that has resulted in a presidential impeachment since Reconstruction: a raunchy sex scandal. So they dredge up old stories from President Trump’s colorful past as a tabloid titan, real-estate showman and reality-TV star. Old stories — stories that keep evolving and remain unverified — about alleged affairs from long before he ever got into politics.

North Korea peace talks a mere smokescreen to Stormy Daniels truthers

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

It strains the imagination to think that the governments of North and South Korea have conspired with President Trump to concoct disarmament talks at this precise moment in hopes of deflecting attention away from a bouncing beachball of a porn star who claims to have had an extramarital affair with Mr. Trump. Or, maybe she just wants to draw attention to herself — a first in history for a porn star who specializes in multiple suitors at once.