Trump administration

100 Days of Trump: Can Mike Pence save the Founders’ vision of the legislative process?

Trump’s tax plan may create an impasse only Vice President Mike Pence can solve. Plus, Democrats’ loathing for Trump masks their own insecurities about his 100-days success, and, Democrats see Trump as a pariah but the voters see the bright side of not having Hillary.

This Beltway insider is in charge of hiring for the Trump administration

When the White House announced John DeStefano’s appointment, CHQ Chairman Richard A Viguerie said, “Those who hoisted the pirate flag and joined the Trump team when he was at 2 percent in the polls . . . must wonder what the devil is going on,” and called the choice a “major impediment” to Trump’s goals. And it remains so by every indication one can detect from a recent article in The Washington Post.