Trump adminstration

Kellyanne Conway underscores commitment to family first

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

Kellyanne Conway reminds us that family comes first, and it's why we do what we do. The RNC and DNC conventions also remind us there are two dramatically different ways of viewing what the future should be. Only one of those political entities has provided an agenda tailored for you to be in charge not just of the government, but of your own life, your family, your children’s education, your health and your business. That Trump vision also reflects an understanding that none of us are free if we are living in fear, with anarchist violence controlling our communities.

On Sex, the Trump Administration Returns to Reality and the Law

Ben Shapiro, National Review

If Democrats wish to change Title IX by explicitly amending it to include protection for effeminate behavior by biological men, or masculine behavior by biological women, or to protect self-attributed “gender identity,” by all means, they can go for it. But to simply rewrite the law along the lines of illogical leftist groupthink is a violation of any constitutional system. It happens to be bad policy as well. Nobody should make the utterly dishonest suggestion that willful, illegal rewriting of law to back overtly political priorities amounts to either answerable government or supportable science.