Trump Tulsa speech

Time for Trump to move on from Tulsa

Byron York, Washington Examiner

In Tulsa post-mortems, two factors seem to be most important in keeping attendance down. One was simply fear of contracting coronavirus. Attendees would be indoors, with thousands of other people, for hours. The other was fear of protesters. Both are problems Trump will just have to deal with as the campaign goes on. As far as the virus is concerned, Trump should recognize his supporters' reasonable anxieties. Hold events outdoors, create enough space for people to be comfortable there. If that means a smaller rally, so be it; it is not going to be a Bidenesque gathering with a few circles on the floor.

Toxic in Tulsa: Trump misses opportunity to heal and unify a divided nation

Cal Thomas, Washington Times

(Constructive criticism of the Tulsa speech.) This president should take a lesson from Ronald Reagan, who frequently referred to Democrats as “our friends on the other side.” He never diminished their value but instead argued why the ideas of conservatives and Republicans are better. This is what all but the angry mob wants to hear. It’s not about him, it’s about us — we, the people, not you the president. The presidency is an honor and privilege that has been granted to only 45 men in our history. With great privilege comes great responsibility. We are better than this. We deserve better than this.