100 Days of Trump: Obama’s creatures clogging the drain of the Washington swamp

In order to truly drain the Washington swamp, Obama’s creatures must be sent packing. Plus, In trying to move the healthcare debate Trump hints he may get involved in Republican primaries, and, Democrats think the healthcare winds have turned in their favor; they’re wrong.

Liberal New York Times columnist may face serious legal problems

Mark J. Fitzgibbons, American Thinker

President Trump takes a lot of flak for his tweeting, but a prominent liberal New York Times columnist may face more than criticism.  Could NY Times’ Kristoff’s tweet asking anyone at the IRS to criminally leak Trump’s tax return be solicitation of a felony? With the Department of Justice now back in the business of enforcing the law against even liberals, perhaps we will be reading more about this solicitation in the future.

Trump Making It 'Harder' on Himself Than Necessary, McConnell Says

Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says President Trump's approval rating would be "10 to 15 points higher if he allowed himself to stay on message." In an interview yesterday, McConnell said he likes "what the president is doing," citing deregulation efforts, his Supreme Court nominee, and Cabinet picks. But "what he's saying makes everything harder." His tweets and comments often make it "harder to achieve what you want to achieve."

How Trump's tweets are forcing lobbyists 'out of the shadows'

Jacqueline Klimas, Washington Examiner

In a new administration where the president can take on any government program in a 140-character criticism for all to see, experts say back-room meetings that have dominated D.C. will become less important as defense industry is forced to make their case to the public.