U.S. economy

Booming economy gives Trump strongest argument for reelection

Matt Mackowiak, Washington Times

If Mr. Trump can focus his messaging on the economy every week of 2020, his job approval rating will increase and it will force Democrats to debate the economy, which they do not want to do. He should be traveling every week to tour factories that have expanded and manufacturing facilities that have come back online. Mr. Trump’s base has been with him for three years, through thick and thin. And it may be just enough to win reelection. But for Republicans to win back the majority in the House of Representatives, he needs a sweeping victory. That can be achieved only by winning over independent voters. Do this and Mr. Trump can win a sweeping reelection with Republican majorities in the House and Senate.

Beware the miserable, regressive, leftist government central planners

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

Perhaps even more impressive are the advancements that allow all these better-off humans to accomplish more while consuming less — meaning that all these wild predictions about humans gobbling up the planet are a bit far-fetched. As industry and ingenuity lead to greater energy efficiency, humans not only are capable of doing so much more, they also are managing to use less total energy. Similarly, humans are learning to produce more and more food on increasingly smaller and smaller plots of land. By any sane reckoning, this is good news. Unless, of course, you just simply hate humans. Which is precisely where you get doomsday charlatans of every generation. They don’t see people are families or children.

ICYMI: April’s Great Economic News

Not that we believe in or promote “conspiracy theories,” you know, like the one that the Trump campaign was spied upon by a corrupt Obama-era FBI and intelligence apparatus. But there is one conspiracy we are convinced exits, and that is that the establishment media refuses to report good economic news.

The one issue that could reelect Trump

Monica Crowley, Washington Times

President Bill Clinton survived the Monica Lewinsky scandal in large part because he rode a robust economy courtesy of the internet bubble (which later burst). Mr. Trump knows these lessons of history — as do the Democrats. A dynamic economy creates electoral momentum for a president responsible for the new prosperity. Mr. Trump’s success has already made it far more difficult for his opponents to advance their existential war against him and their leftist agenda. The extraordinary economic boom is the reelection. If it continues apace, one by one the Democratic candidates will float into irrelevancy, and Mr. Trump will astonish the world all over again.

US economy proves it is robust and thriving, liberal 'sugar high' predictions are wrong again

Andy Puzder, Fox News

Liberals have been predicting an impending recession for months. With each successive quarter that their predictions have failed to materialize, they’ve only become more frustrated with the economy’s long-term prospects. This isn’t a “sugar high,” no matter how much liberals wish it were as they nervously look ahead to the 2020 presidential election. This is a robust economy that is thriving on a red meat-and-potatoes pro-growth diet of tax cuts, deregulation, fair trade policies, and a focus on domestic energy. The most recent GDP growth merely confirms what should have been obvious long ago to anyone without a partisan ax to grind: the U.S. economy is finally healthy again. This is a Trump Boom, period.

Story of the Year -- Jobs

Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal

In 2019, the idea that tax reductions, public-sector deregulation and growth are no longer relevant to the needs of the middle class is provably and demonstrably false. It requires a remarkable degree of obtuseness to stare at the policy success of the past two years and pretend it hasn’t happened. Democrats are doing exactly that. Conservatives should pocket the Trump presidency’s Reaganesque policies for massively matching job producers with job seekers. There is plenty left for them to do without trying to reinvent the wheel.