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Time For Tough Love For The Euroweenies

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Donald Trump just announced we will be pulling out 12,000 troops of the 36,000 still deployed in Germany. The fact is that if you want to protect Germany from Russia, and you want a strong NATO (my NATO medal is about 10’ away as I write), then you must support Trump’s policy of tough love. Americans are just not going to pony up for Deutschland in perpetuity. To quote noted political philosopher Kang, the politics of failure have failed. Not penalizing the Huns for their deadbeatery hasn’t worked. Maybe turning off the cash spigot will. And if it doesn’t, at least we get to keep our money.

Call To Action On Transgenders In The Military

The Capitol Switchboard is (1-866-220-0044) we urge CHQ readers and friends to call their Senators and Representative, tell them congressional action to repeal the 2018 Defense Department policy would do nothing to support the troops or to strengthen mission readiness and morale, and that you demand they vote NO on any amendment to the 2021 NDAA that would repeal President Trump’s sensible 2018 “deployability” policy on transgenders serving in the military.

SCOTUS Ruling Makes No Case for Changes in Trump Policy on Transgenders in Military

On January 22, 2019, the U.S. Supreme Court effectively overruled four district judge preliminary injunctions against President Trump’s call for changes in military transgender policies. Following that 5-4 ruling, the Pentagon announced plans to begin implementation of the 2018 policy on April 12, 2019. Absent congressional action there is still strong Supreme Court precedent to uphold the Trump policy should the cases currently in litigation get that far.

Up For A New Cold War—With China?

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

Why should the U.S. Navy risk a clash by making us a party to quarrels halfway around the world? Vietnam is a country of 95 million people. Like China, it is also Communist. The Philippines have more than 7,000 islands and 100 million people. Indonesia has 17,000 to 18,000 islands and is the fourth-most populous nation on earth with 267 million citizens. Cannot the nations that share the South China Sea with China acquire coastal navies to defend their own waters? The independence and borders of these states is undeniably vital to them. But how is that vital to us, on the other side of the Pacific? This is power politics, pure and simple.

Why Should America Care if Kim Jong-Un Dies?

Doug Bandow, The American Spectator

If Washington turned Korea over to the Koreans, no longer threatening to intervene against the North, Pyongyang would lose interest in America. Members of the Kim dynasty are not suicidal; the ruling Kims have always wanted their virgins in this world, not the next. Their nuclear program is an effort to deter a superpower bent on perpetual meddling and regime change. With America out, there would be no more threats against the United States. And no more directing its nuclear program against the United States. As well as no need for Americans to worry whether or not Kim had heart surgery, as claimed by some. Or caught COVID-19, as others believe.

If Baghdad Wants Us Out, Let's Go!

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

Killing Soleimani was just. But what is just is not always wise. Yet, his killing restores Trump's credibility as a Jacksonian who avoids wars but who, wounded, will stab the enemy who cut him. Trump has a red line. It is not shooting at American drones but shooting at American soldiers, the drawing of American blood. The message the rulers of Iran should have received? If they retaliate for Soleimani by killing American soldiers, diplomats or civilians, using either Iranian troops or proxy militias, Trump will retaliate against Iran itself. Otherwise, "Come Home, America," George McGovern's slogan from the 1972 presidential campaign, has rarely seemed more relevant.

What Would a War on the Drug Cartels Look Like?

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

What might happen if we did escalate? None of it is good. America is culturally and politically unwilling to do what it takes to win, or to accept the losses that would come with a military campaign against the drug cartels. The sad fact is that our establishment does not really want to take on the cartels. The failed state next door is a distraction from their real priorities: Ukrainian/Russia tiffs and getting sideways with NATO allies over communist Kurds. Nor do they want to gin up public pressure to take the only action that would devastate the cartels: seriously defending our own border. They want the new voters, they want the cheap labor, and they don’t care how many Mexicans and Americans die to keep them both flowing.

Yes, Mexico’s drug cartels count as terrorists

Ben Domench, New York Post

Trump has been inaccurately described by some of his critics as isolationist or antiwar. He is not, and he shouldn’t be understood ­under that lens. Trump cares the most about the foreign-policy issues that hit closest to home. After the success of the raid that killed ISIS honcho Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the president should understand the power of sending a message to our enemies: If you murder American women and children, wherever you are, wherever you hide, the most powerful military in the history of the world will hunt you down, find you and deliver swift justice to you. The choice for the Mexican government now is stark. It can govern Mexico, the cartels can govern Mexico or the United States can step in, in its own unique way, and do what Mexican elites won’t do.

U.S. troops and president deserve praise for death of al-Baghdadi

Cal Thomas, Washington Times

Radical Islam is a virus. It is not contained within borders. It does not have a capital that can be bombed. That is why its evil nature must always be exposed and its goals thwarted. Yes, others will sign up and current ISIS members will likely be even more motivated by revenge. Still, others may see the cowardly behavior of al-Baghdadi and be motivated to either quit the organization or not join it in the first place. Americans have a short attention span and need to have their memories jogged from time to time about the multiple threats that confront all free people who wish to maintain their freedom, which is never cheap.

Imperial Capital, but America-First Nation

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

Love of the Kurds, so audible on the Hill, does not go that far. If there is no stomach in Middle America for war with Iran and a manifest desire to pull the troops out and come home, there is ferocious establishment resistance to any withdrawal of U.S. forces. This has bedeviled Trump through the three years of his presidency. Again, it seems a stalemate is in the cards — until there is some new explosion in the Mideast, after which the final withdrawal for America will begin, as it did for the exhausted British and French empires after World War II. That we are leaving the Middle East seems certain. Only the departure date is as yet undetermined.

Why America Is Losing The War In Afghanistan

We applaud President Trump's desire to bring our troops home from Afghanistan, but the news the White House had planned a secret meeting with Taliban leaders and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani at Camp David prompts us to republish a column from July 30, 2018 explaining why negotiating with the Taliban is folly.

Mattis Scorches Biden

General Mattis’s criticism of Joe Biden is particularly interesting when contrasted to the criticism of Biden by his opponents in the Democratic Party’s presidential primary. Almost all of them have criticized Biden for voting in favor of the Iraq War, but none of them have criticized him for his role in its disastrous aftermath.

Could British Incompetence Lead America To War With Iran?

The Iranians have now made a point of showing the British and the world that they have the same capabilities as the old imperial power, and that they were not afraid to use them. Based on their own diminished capabilities, the British have few good alternatives short of outright capitulation, meaning any military response to the hijacking of their ship would, perforce, involve the United States.

Prospects Of War With Iran Heating Up… Again

Americans might justifiably ask what does the hijacking of a Panamanian-flagged vessel operating out of the UAE and the British seizure of an Iranian vessel operating in violation of international sanctions have to do with us? The answer is that President Trump has approved an operation in which U.S. warships act as sentinels at the entrance to the Persian Gulf.

Tell Your Representative To Vote NO On Leftwing Social Engineering In The Military

We urge CHQ readers and friends to call their Representative (the toll-free Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044), tell your Representative the American military is not the place for Leftwing social engineering. Demand that your Representative vote NO on the amendments analysed in this article from our friends at the Center for Military Readiness.

Conservatives Divided On Iran Retaliation

With principled conservatives, such as Senator Tom Cotton and Rep. Matt Gaetz, divided over what the proper response to Iranian aggression in the Gulf of Oman and Strait of Hormuz should be – or even if any response is required – we’d like to hear what CHQ readers and friends have to say. Please use the comments section in this article to tell us what you think.

#NeverTrump New York Times Pushing For War With Iran

The questions raised by Iranian attaks in the Gulf of Oman are not the small ball queries proposed by Bret Stephens, who assumes the Ayatollah’s regime must last indefinitely. The real consequential question is: Is it better for us to defeat the Islamic Republic of Iran through the economic and cultural means that brought down the Soviet Union, or is it better for us to go to war?

Is War With Iran Coming? Two Tankers Attacked In Gulf Of Oman

Rep. Mac Thornberry, one of the smartest and most sober minded national defense thinkers among the House Republicans is right, the 2001 AUMF doesn’t authorize war with the state of Iran, and President Trump shouldn’t go to war with Iran without coming to Congress – a constitutional constraint that in no way prohibits us from defending ourselves should we be attacked.

Is It Mutiny Or Command Failure?

President Donald Trump has been working to restore sound priorities that promote military readiness, not demoralizing social agendas that the previous administration pushed to extremes. Recent news reports brought to our attention by our friends at the Center for Military Readiness suggest, however, that some Defense Department and military officials are not following the President’s lead and orders.

Greece Finds New Footing as a Player on the World Stage

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Both Greece and Israel count on U.S. military aid. Both no longer are so dependent on unstable Arab countries for imported gas and oil. Greece is, of course, walking a tightrope. By balancing between rivals and finding new friendly interests, Greece magnifies its own importance. As it does, it also becomes an even greater focal point of big-power rivalries and global commercial jostling. We should not be too surprised by Greek realpolitik. After all, Greece gave the world Themistocles, the fifth-century B.C. wheeler-dealer politician and general who increased ancient Athenian power by being interested in everyone — and permanently allied to no one.