white guilt

The Late Unpleasantness

Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator

Inciting animosity by the constant reiteration of a racial grievance narrative is, it seems, the only way white liberals can prove their bona fides, or assuage their guilty consciences, in the Age of Trump. So the names of such facilities as Fort Benning and Fort Bragg are now to become a subject of controversy, as if our armed forces had nothing more serious to worry about. Never mind that there have been two terrorist attacks on U.S. military bases, the most recent last Thursday, when a Syrian attacked a Navy base in Texas. No, according to the Times, we must rename everything to appease the arbiters of “wokeness.”

Beto Launches Apology Tour, Beats Out Bernie In First Day Haul

Like Obama, O’Rourke is an empty vessel who sees himself as a man of destiny, and like Obama he has turned apologizing into an artform, indeed his readiness to apologize for anything and everything was our primary takeaway from his first few days on the campaign trail. Given that, Beto is shaping-up to be the perfect white guilt candidate for a Democrat Party who’s only organizing principle is racial and social animus.