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Overused Cries of Racism Make It Harder for Us to Unite

John Fund, National Review

If we wonder why our conversation has become so stilted and so unable to incorporate language that helps us solve problems, let’s acknowledge that crying racism in today’s political theater is sure to create both more smoke and more fire. Before it gets any worse, let’s have as many people of good will as possible declare that, for at least a bit, we should stick to the dictionary definition of racism.

Washington press traveled 7,000 miles just for some of her smiles

Editors, Washington Examiner

Here's a tip for journalists: If you find yourself charmed by a communist dictatorship’s propaganda minister, don't start gushing, take a step back from the puff piece that springs to mind, and apply some professional skepticism. Remember Hamlet's admonition that "one may smile, and smile, and be a villain."