Shut Down This Tiring Farce

Conrad Black, American Greatness

It is with trepidation that I take the liberty of giving absolutely unsolicited advice, but I say shut it down this week: throw it out.  It is a dead, rotting fish, devised and promoted for contemptible motives by unworthy legislators and unsupported by law or fact. This isn’t even a third rail of sexual harassment with millions of credulous women on their feet screaming for the emasculation of a federal judge; it is an abusive perversion of the Constitution, an outrage and a disgrace. The high court of the whole enfranchised nation will determine whether the president retains his office, in nine months, and this kind of unfounded assault must be discouraged, lest it become routine.

No, Chief Justice Roberts Cannot Issue Subpoenas

Only Senators may identify a witness to be called and no witnesses may be called unless the Senate specifically votes to allow a motion to be filed regarding whether the witness issue will even be debated. No matter how hard the Democrats try to spin this to influence the media narrative, and Chief Justice Roberts. the bottom line is that 51 Senators will decide who – if any – witnesses will be called.

The personal cost of the Trump-Russia investigation

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation is over, but the aftereffects of the Trump-Russia affair live on. One such aftereffect is the reluctance of some important figures in the 2016 campaign to speak out, for fear of continued legal entanglements. Witnesses are finding it's better to lay low. And that leaves everyone worse off. After an investigation cloaked in secrecy, the public needs to know more, not less, about what Mueller did. The people involved should be able to tell their stories without fear of being caught in still more investigation.