young voters

Hillary's Hidden Burden

John Fund, National Review

If Hillary Clinton loses in November, two reasons will be Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson and Green-party nominee Jill Stein. Almost every national polls shows Hillary doing worse when the two third-party candidates are added to the mix. Even Johnson, perhaps because he is emphasizing his “social tolerance” more than his “fiscal conservatism,” is hurting Hillary more than he’s harming Donald Trump.

O's Youth Failure Gives GOP A Big Opportunity

Jedediah Bila, Breitbart

The Obama administration is in the midst of an enormous marketing failure. They're also doing a great job of turning off young voters. GOP, you should be right there, front and center, reminding those voters that someone's looking out for their freedoms.

GOP's Higher Ed Opportunity

Alex Smith, Daily Caller

Chair of the College Repubs. said that a study shows young voters want positive problem-solvers in Congress. She thinks higher ed is an issue on which R's can lead.