CHQ Poll: Defeating Obama is top priority – 6/14/11
Tea Party activists would vote, if necessary, for a Republican establishment presidential candidate if he wins the nomination.

Seven spar in New Hampshire GOP debate – Romney takes split decision

By Jeffrey A. Rendall -- 6/14/11
The second Republican presidential debate was most notable for a lack of focus on Mitt Romney's record, which only helped his cause.

DON'T MISS the sure-to-be-provocative review of tonight's debate by CHQ’s Jeff Rendall -- 6/13/11
Tune in early tomorrow for insightful comments on tonight's GOP presidential debate from a conservative's perspective.

CHQ Poll: Your expectations on the presidential debate tonight – 6/13/11
You expect Cain, Bachmann, and Paul to do the best job tonight. Not surprisingly, that may also reflect who you would like to vote for in November 2012.

CHQ Poll: It’s Herman Cain all the way – 6/10/11
He gets 87% of Tea Party/conservative vote in one-on-one matchup with President Obama, far more than Pawlenty or Santorum, and almost triple Romney’s 30%.

CHQ Poll: Pawlenty matches Santorum on Tea Party support – 6/9/11
If he’s the GOP candidate, 69% would vote for him (Santorum got 66%).  Compare that to Romney’s paltry 30% support from Tea Party conservatives.

CHQ Poll: Most conservatives would vote for Santorum – 6/8/11
66% say they would vote for him if he gets the GOP nomination.  Compare that to the mere 30% who say they would vote for Romney if he is the GOP nominee.

CHQ Poll: Mormonism is still an issue – 6/7/11
Tea Party conservatives are split evenly on whether the religion is a factor in Republican primaries—not a good sign for Romney and Huntsman.

CHQ Poll: Tea Party conservatives grade John Boehner — 6/6/11
In evaluating his work as GOP Speaker of the House since the 2010 election, they give him anything but an “A.”  Back to study hall, John—or to the principal’s office.

A call to prayer for Sen. DeMint in his deliberations for family and our country

Richard Viguerie -- 6/5/11
In addition to calling, writing, and emailing Senator DeMint, also tell him you have joined him and his family in prayer as they weigh this momentous decision.

Tea Party conservatives: Get out of Afghanistan! – 6/3/11
Over 3 out of 4 in a CHQ Poll want to get out immediately or soon, while only 24% are willing to make a long-term commitment.

CHQ Poll: Tea Party conservatives reject Giuliani -- 6/2/11
If he really is testing the waters, he will find an ice-cold reception from the Tea Party conservatives who count in the GOP primaries.