Whose Job Is It to Save Western Civilization?

American leaders don’t get to choose whether or not saving Western civilization is in their job description, no matter how much the liberal media may ridicule them in stating an intention to do so.

Did The New York Times Just Say Rick Santorum is Right?

Liberals are fond of ripping Rick Santorum for his traditional views on marriage and family, but then they all but proved his points in an article published recently in The New York Times.

Gov. Christie Scolded by Marine Mother, Conservative Activists

85% of respondents to the CHQ Poll agree with the fallen Marine’s mother who thought it was inappropriate for Gov. Christ Christie to lower the flag on the day of Whitney Houston’s funeral.

Liberal Media Setting a Gender Gap Trap for Republicans

If Republicans want to win the argument with liberal feminists, they should make it about freedom and empowerment and protecting the traditional family, not about whether some radical law student gets to testify before Congress.

Tea Party Should Concentrate on Congress, Activists Say

Less than a quarter of our CHQ Poll respondents think the Tea Party should make the presidency its main objective.

The Folly of Trading Tax Increases for Deficit Reduction

It's never a good idea to "compromise" on tax increases (in return for deficit considerations), because politicians always spend the extra revenue -- and then add another layer of pork on top of that, too.

We Predicted the Payroll Tax Debate Would End This Way

Republican leaders gave the Democrats two months' worth of rebuttal-free class warfare before predictably caving-in on both the principle and the policy that underpinned conservative opposition to extending the payroll tax reduction.

The Last Thing Conservatives Should Want is a “Brokered” Convention

With establishment Republicans running this year's National Convention, conservatives should not turn over control of the presidential nomination to them through "brokering." Instead, how about an "open" convention?

Most Activists See Tea Party as Stalled or Growing

For all the wishful thinking in the liberal media, only 16% of respondents to our CHQ Poll think the Tea Party is declining in their community.

Conservatives Say, Keep U.S. Skies Drone-Free

91% of our conservative and Tea Party respondents to the CHQ Poll say drones should not be used for domestic surveillance.

Obama’s Jimmy Carter Moment

Obama’s unprovoked attack on Catholic freedom of conscience will prove to be the same kind of political game-changer that Jimmy Carter's assault on Evangelical Christians was in the late 1970's.

House Republican Leaders are Losing Their Minds, and Their Principles

If the 2010 election coalition is to be held together (in 2012), conservatives must gird for battle one more time to oppose Republican leaders who still do not seem to understand how they got back the majority.